National goes into hibernation and editor moves on

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As many of you have already noticed has gone dormant for the past several months and I would like to tell you why and what will be coming next. This year my family has gone through some great challenges that have resulted in a fundamental change in focus. In mid April while at a [...]

Matthew Shepard Act passes the Senate but will it become law?

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On July 17th the U.S. Senate voted 249 to 175 to approve the Matthew Shepard Act Hate Crimes Prevention Act that includes sexual orientation and gender identity. That is great news! The not so good news is that it has been bundled with a Department of Defense authorization bill that may or may be signed [...]

URGENT ACTION ALERT! Matthew Shepard Act in Danger

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The US Senate is set to vote on the Matthew Shepard Act THIS WEEK and according to the Human Rights Commission WE NEED TO CALL OUR SENATORS NOW!

The Matthew Shepard Act (S. 909) is in danger from right wing extremists who are flooding senators with letters and phone calls. Focus on the Family’s James Dobson has been referring to this important hate crime legislation as the “Pedophile Protection Act” and “And Utter evil.” This is what the American Family Association says on their website about the Hate Crimes Legislation, along with an inflammatory scary music video action alert.”

Lesbians ditch the U-Haul for an RV on National Marriage Tour

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Meet Hersband & Wife, a comedic lesbian advice column team with a twist. Hersband is a visionary butch lesbian, who came out in the years just after Stonewall. Wife is of the more feminine variety and carries out Hersband’s vision. Although Wife always knew she was a lesbian she wanted children so she did not [...]

GLAD Files Suit Challenging DOMA

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Gay and Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, GLAD, New England’s leading legal organization working to end discrimination based on sexual orientation, HIV status, and gender identity and expression. Today filed a suit challenging the constitutionality of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The suit, Commonwealth v. United States Department of Health and Human Services, states [...]

DC recognizes same-sex marriages performed in other states

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All though the District of Columbia still does not allow same-sex marriage, as of 12:01 am this morning Washington DC now recognizes same-sex marriages performed in other states. Although issuing a marriage license in the District is still illegal for same-sex couples, such marriages perfumed in other jurisdictions, including California before the Prop 8 decision, [...]

What about this does America not understand?

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Equal = The same or as great as. Inalienable Rights = Not contingent upon the laws, customs, beliefs, or a particular society. Life = The right to exist free from being beaten or killed for being who we are.

Happy Independence Day, unless your gay!

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CNN reports on the murder of gay Navy Sailor, August Provost. The Body of gay Seaman August Provost of Houston was discovered about 3:30 a.m. Tuesday in a burned out Camp Pendelton guard shack. Many are referring to this as a hate crime.

KTVB “Cruises” back to 1955. . .

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Cruising is not a Sex Act as KTVB Channel 7 recently reported. Cruising is an activity aimed at capturing the attention of someone of the same sex. It can lead to a sexual encounter, but it can also be a non-verbal way to communicate to others that they are not alone. In the 1970s, gay [...]

The Fierce Advocate

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