“Molly Grows Up” – 1953 Menstruation Film

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This is a vintage educational film that was shown to girls in high school in the early fifties. It was all about preparing for getting a first period. The way this was shot and how the issue was treated is … well … see for yourself…

Best line: Molly is on the phone to her best friend who calls to invite her to go swimming. “Peggy, of course you know I can’t go swimmnig. You know I’ve got the curse.”

This is a 1953 menstruation education film for young teenage girls, a priceless vintage classroom film.

Part 1

Part 2

Miss Jensen, the school nurse, advises the girls to be more aware of their personal appearance when they are menstruating.

“Change your underwear more often, be sure to use a deodorant and pay more attention to your hair and nails. And plan to wear your prettiest dress. In other words, be your most attractive self.”

During menstruating the girls are advised against skating, horseback riding, playing fast games, and square dancing.

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