Boise Village Idiot boasts of Sludge connection

Sep 10th, 2007 | By | Category: News

Bryan Fischer, Idaho Values Alliance, who could not have nailed Sen. Larry Craig to the cross of hypocrisy fast enough, is now boasting that he was linked to the Sludge Report.

Matt (I’m not gay either) Drudge got a bit sticky with one of Fischer’s missives that Craig’s arrest may have violated a Constructional provision forbidding arresting a toe-tapping pervert.

Taking pride in having Sludge link your post is like boasting about hemorrhoids.

Apparently, Fischer doesn’t remember just how fast he called for Craig to resign. Why do self-righteous blowhards have such short memories?

Meanwhile, the Idaholier than thou Fischer posts a LAMBDA Legal warning published to help gay men who find themselves in the same situation as Sen. Larry Craig. Fischer tries to use this tidbit of information to smear all gay men, but in fact, he should simply forward it to Craig and most of the closeted gays in the Republican Party.

Fischer could have helped Craig (before he tossed him under the bus) by sharing this little LAMBDA gem, “Be sure to tell your lawyer whether you have a relationship with anyone who you don’t want to find out about your arrest.” editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
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