Democrats Desire Craig’s Hardened Stance

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Fine for disorderly conduct ———— $575
Hiring a hot shot defense attorney —– $549,125 from campaign coffer
Larry Craig stays put in D.C. ———– PRICELESS€¦..assuming your a Democrat.

There are few things about Senator Larry Craig that any Democrat would like, until now. For years they’ve cursed his very existence. Now he’s staying and they’re thanking their lucky stars!

I’ll be Home -oh for Christmas

Democrats thought the race for Idaho’s Senate seat would be tough. Little did they know, Christmas was coming early, and Senator Larry Craig was playing the part of good ol’ Saint Nick! Now, in a decidedly Republican state they stand a good chance to hold their own, since Larry tried to hold somebody else’s. Had Larry seen fit to resign, the Idaho GOP could have avoided a naughty, nasty primary. Instead, in his determination to stay, he’s handed Larry LaRocco a slue of opponents including Lieutenant Governor Republican Jimmy Risch, Idaho’s very own Napoleon, and a plethora of other would be Senators on a Republican primary platter. That list will likely include former Canyon County Commissioner Robert “Just shoot em’ at the border” Vasquez and current Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden. You can expect that list to expand as those would-be Senators interviewed by Governor Otter chew over their option. Like Pavlov’s dogs, the bell of Otter’s call has them all salivating. The blood bath looks to take a toll on the gusto of the Republican electorate. And I thought dog fighting was illegal in Idaho.

Craig Fights the Good Fight

“I will continue my effort to clear my name in the Senate Ethics Committee – something that is not possible if I am not serving in the Senate,” avowed Senator Craig in the new release issued upon hearing that the District Court refused to throw out his guilty plea.

Where Craig was initially quaking in his go-go boots, he seems ready to stare down Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. and the Senate Ethics Committee to see who blinks first. According to the Ethic’s Committee, having been prodded by the Republican leadership, the investigation is already, shall we say, afoot. The beauty of it by Democratic reckoning is that there won’t be any winners in this narrative. Neither Craig nor the GOP can stand the heat of the spotlight on this one, with Craig trying desperately to repair his besmirched image and the GOP badly needing to hang on to 24 shaky Senate seats of the 34 in play in the €˜08 election .

A protracted scandal front and center in the press will only afford the players a loose-loose scenario. The Senate Democrats have the good fortune of being able to kick back and watch this storyline unfurl like a classic episode of Jerry Springer. America’s shock-value TV is all about nasty, for which this story’s ideal, since nothing says nasty like men’s public restrooms! Somebody pass the popcorn!

Danger, Sharks in Water

Attorney Billy MartinMeanwhile, as Senator Craig goes about his daily life in D.C. like nothing happened, his hired guns are armed for battle. His defense lawyer, Billy Martin (left), also the lawyer for felon, dog fighting, Atlanta Falcon’s quarterback Michael Vick (below) Michael Vick, released this statement in response to his Senate client’s resent court loss. “He is currently considering whether to appeal this decision. Throughout this trying time, Senator Craig has remained a dedicated public servant and continues to serve the people of Idaho with honor and distinction, as he has done for the past 27 years,” Martin said. I would agree that his service has certainly been “distinct€ but I’m not quite sold on that “honor” bit.

“Show Me The Money!”

With a long legal battle ahead of him, Craig’s defense bills are mounting by the day. According to the Federal Elections Commission, Craig may dip into his campaign slush fund for his legal bills, if and only if those bills deal directly with a case that interferes with the Senator’s ability to do his or her job. It appears that the Senator is using his campaign funds to pay his legal bills.

However, on September 5th, a question regarding the legality of Craig’s use of campaign funds for his legal bills was noted in a statement by one of Craig’s lawyers asserting that the Senate Ethic’s Committee lacked jurisdiction to investigate Craig’s case since it was “wholly unrelated to his performance of official duties.”

Duck Season is Open!

Whatever Senator Craig’s “intent€ is at this point, it is obvious that he won’t be snuffed out any time soon. While political wonks thought Craig’s plight amounted to a direct hit, it appears that the target was merely winged, a lesser injury at the start, but no less fatal. The ouster that started at break-neck speed has now slowed to a painful waddle, quite appropriate for a lame duck fond of goosing. Meanwhile, Democrats benefit from the egg on the face of the GOP. editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
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