Tibbs gets cuffed by the truth

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By A. Maude Metcalfe

Boise City Councilman Jim Tibbs got a bitter taste of reality at the Northend Neighborhood Association when he tried to take credit for work that was accomplished by Mayor Dave Bieter.

Tibbs, who is running against Mayor Bieter for the chance to sit in the city’s executive office, didn’t know what hit him at the Oct. 29 public meeting when he was confronted by Councilwoman Maryanne Jordan.

Jordan was filling in for Mayor Bieter who was unable to attend. And she did not waste much time in smacking Tibbs down to size.

As PrideDEPOT.com has been reporting all along, Tibbs has been bragging about “Valley Vision Initiative€ that he says will enhance the city’s climate ordinances, but in reality it is just a cheap knockoff version of the Climate Protection Program Advisory (MPCCA) Committee’s Report initiated under the Mayor’s leadership.

Tibbs and his creative writing team liked Mayor Bieter’s climate protection policy so well, that they nearly took it word-for-word, never thinking that they just might get caught. For Tibbs, it was an October surprise of his very own making.

With a crowd of liberal minded onlookers assembled to hear from the candidates for Boise Mayor and City Council, the former lawman and current Councilman admitted to theft and said it was justified.

During his long winded speech, Tibbs tried desperately to bolster his vanquished image to that of “Tibbs the Leader€ by bragging of his “Valley Vision Initiative.€ But Councilwoman Jordan would have none of it and quickly delivered a verbal arrest warrant that should put Tibbs’ forked tongue in lockdown.

Jordan had enough of Tibbs grandstanding on false pretenses. She let it be known in no uncertain terms that the only “initiative€ Tibbs had shown was that of stealing the work that was done by the Committee assembled by Mayor Bieter.

When confronted with this little fact in front of a crowd, Tibbs floundered. He as much as admitted to the fact that he had read the Committee’s report and said that he felt his version was worthy of review. Furthermore, Tibbs did take the time and read a few reports from areas around Portland and took some of their ideas as well.

PrideDEPOT.com posted two stories regarding Tibbs’ plagiarism. Attempts to get a response from Tibbs have been unsuccessful.

When Tibbs and Mayor Bieter meet for a debate the question of how he came about rewriting the Committee’s work and calling it your own needs to be addressed.

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