Idaho’s village idiot sips nectar of sour grapes

Nov 9th, 2007 | By | Category: News

The bombastic spokesman of Idaho’s lunatic fringe is drowning in the bitter nectar of sour grapes with the victory of incumbent Boise Mayor Dave Bieter and several sitting City Council members.

Bryan Fischer, Idaho Values Alliance mouthpiece, is having a hard time accepting the fact that the citizens of Boise are fed up with the game of divisive political tactics and smear campaigns used by the lunatics who value their narrow-minded ideology over democracy.

“Further evidence that Idaho’s capitol city is sliding into the iron grip of left-leaning politicos comes from yesterday’s election results, in which the incumbents who conspired together to remove the Ten Commandments monument from Julia Davis Park, refused to give their own citizens a voice in the matter, and spent $130,000 in taxpayer funds obstructing their right to vote all won handily.”
Bryan Fisher, IVA.

Let it go!

The 10 Commandments monument was planted in Boise’s Julia Davis Park as a marketing ploy to promote the movie by the same name and it went unnoticed for decades until another rightwing lunatic Rev. Fred Phelps threatened a long and protracted legal battle unless he was permitted put his monument to hate the city park declaring that Matthew Shepard is “burning in hell.”

The people of Boise went to the polls and made a clear and unequivocal statement that the propaganda campaigns that have paid off so well for the conservative lunatic fringe in America are history.

Boise voters reflected the opinion of the vast majority of Americans today which is we are fed up with the conservative right’s old games of smear campaigns and threats, while wrapping themselves in the American flag and Bible-banging their poisonous hate-speech.

Fischer reflects the worst in American politics and social discourse. Rather than face the fact that the pathetic games that his band of lunatics have successfully used over the years do not have the same traction that it once did, he blames “new comers” to the area who have infected the rest of the population.

“And the die seems to be cast. Outsiders moving to Idaho because of its family values may want to look to places other than the City of Trees. Boise certainly is no longer the friendliest place in Idaho to raise a family,” Fischer says on his website.

Good advice. But why stop at just leaving Boise? Keep going. Maybe consider leaving America so that we can have our democracy back again! editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
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