Lack of Values Evident in Fischer’s Condemnation

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By A. Maude Metcalfe

In the opinion of Bryan Fischer, Executive Director of the Idaho Values Alliance, Boiseans should invest in flood and fire insurance in light of the imminent wrath from above for their secular leanings at the polls. In his online rant, Fisher laments Boise’s fall from grace, assured that it is no longer fit for descent families. However, he not only misses what makes a family, but also misses altogether what makes a place truly fit for a family.

In his Idaho Values Alliance Blog, Fischer states that “further evidence that Idaho’s capitol city is sliding into the iron grip of left-leaning politicos comes from yesterday’s election results, in which the incumbents who conspired together to remove the Ten Commandments monument from Julia Davis Park, refused to give their own citizens a voice in the matter, and spent $130,000 in taxpayer funds obstructing their right to vote all won handily.€

Three years after it was moved, Fischer is still obsessed with the plight of Boise’s Ten Commandments Monument. He and his Keep the Commandments Coalition did finally achieve the first public vote in the country on the Ten Commandments monument back in November of 2006. However, possibly due to impairment from too many nights of self-flagellation, he has forgotten that Boise voters responded to his initiative by overwhelmingly approving the Mayor and Council’s decision to move the Ten Commandments from its obscure place in a public park to a prominent location in a churchyard facing the State Capitol Building. Their decision preempted a lawsuit from Kansas pastor Fred Phelps who wanted to erect an anti-gay monument to hate that cursed murder victim Matthew Shepard right along side of the Ten Commandments Monument in Julia Davis Park.

In 2006, Fischer’s Coalition responded to the initiative results with, “although we fell a little short, communities all across the nation have been inspired by our example and plan similar initiatives in the near future.€

He boasted, “WE ARE STILL A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH! We got nearly 50% of the vote. 30,000 people voted YES! for the Ten Commandments. Within the City of Boise there was a massive voter turn out against Republicans. All twelve district seats in Boise are now held by Democrats. Eleven of those are pro-abortion Democrats.

It seems that the rise of progressive ideals and subsequent election of “lefty€ politicians in Boise still has Fischer riled. In his current IVA blog Fischer states, “The beauty of America’s political system is that we get to choose our own leaders, and for good or for ill, Boise voters have spoken. Twelve of Boise’s 15 state legislative seats are now in the hands of left-wing, big-government lawmakers, and now the city is firmly in the grip of those who oppose the public acknowledgement of God and support the right of sexually confused men to wear dresses to work and use the ladies’ room if they want to.€

This bit about “dresses€ addresses Boise City’s May 2006 decision to list “sexual orientation€ and “gender identity€ in its anti-discrimination policy.

Fischer even went as far as listing this as one of the questions he posed to candidates in his Gem State Voter’s Guide along with other questions aimed at demanding Christian dogma in public policy. He did touch on issues such as taxes, the environment, and transportation, framed of course in a typical neo-con right-wing way. He proudly states in his Voter Guide press release that his 2006 Guide “was the subject of considerable editorial discussion in Idaho’s leading newspapers, and figured prominently in the televised statewide debate in the Republican primary for Congress in the First Congressional District.€

In fact, it didn’t just figure prominently in the 2006 televised debate for First Congressional District, it commanded the stage since the Idaho GOP, determined to control the format and questioning of the debate, limited their debate participation to Boise’s right-wing, religious pandering NBC affiliate, KTVB Channel-7. There they were able to hold to the meaningless questioning and softball tosses posed by the KTVB anchors and avoid substantive debate of real Idaho issues.

In his Voter Guide press release, Fischer, pointed to the usefulness of the Gem State Voter’s Guide, saying “Because it’s so comprehensive, this guide can be a one-stop shop for voters looking for the critical information they need to cast an informed vote on November 6. And because of Boise’s statewide influence as the our [sic] capitol city, everyone in Idaho has a stake in the outcome.€

He is right in his claim that voters can use it as a manual for casting “an informed vote.€ However at least in Boise, and potentially in other urban Idaho areas, it is a guide of who not to vote for, namely those that answered his candidate survey. Boise voters are no longer drawn to candidates that pander to Fischer’s divisive politics and “red herring€ issues, which would effectively weaken Boise’s community values.

More and more, residents in Boise and its outlying communities are rallying behind open government, and progressive policies to address transportation, air quality, neighborhood growth, early childhood education, parks and open space, libraries and other genuine “quality of life€ concerns.

In his IVA blog, Fischer ends with this empty assessment that, “the die seems to be cast. [Insert ominous DUM DUM DUM dummmmmm sound and lightning bolt here] Outsiders moving to Idaho because of its family values may want to look to places other than the City of Trees. Boise certainly is no longer the friendliest place in Idaho to raise a family.€

I beg to differ, my family and I have chosen Boise, and have done so specifically because we feel it is indeed one of the friendliest placed in Idaho to raise a family, in spite of Bryan Fischer’s presence. I continue to look forward to the positive leadership of Boise City’s elected officials and Boise’s legislative candidates that are truly looking out for my and my family’s best interests. editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
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