Tibbs Council Diplomacy Falls Flat

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By A. Maude Metcalfe

According to an interview Jim Tibbs gave the Boise Weekly on election night, as he saw his political future plummet like a lemming off a cliff, he plans to return to the Boise City Council to serve out his term through 2009.

This year’s Boise City election was nearly a forgone conclusion from the start. Mayoral candidate Jim Tibbs, a current Boise City Councilman and former Boise Interim Chief of Police, blindly struggled throughout the race to find anything to grasp to, including the robes of right-wing Boise theologian Bryan Fischer and the irrelevant Keep the Commandments Coalition.

As incoherent as the Tibbs campaign was, the Bieter for Boise campaign remained in control of the political game throughout the race to end up victorious on November 6th with a 63.6 percent win over Tibbs, who squeaked together a trifling 35.7 percent of the vote. Now that Tibbs has been effectively squashed, he says he plans on returning to his position on the City Council through the end of his term in 2009. His decision may very well prove to be a boon for the avid Boise political junkies and bloggers, since whether or not anyone is willing to say it publicly, Tibbs’ presence on the Council is likely to mix as well as a match and the verbal flatulence Tibbs has become well know for during this campaign.

Boise Weekly reporters Deanna Darr and Shea Andersen note that Tibbs surmised, “going back to council€¦ would require some diplomacy.€ Such profound postulation harkens back to astute comments like that from Bushie Karen Hughes’s known for her renowned deduction that there might be some folks out there that “don’t like us€.

Tibbs went on to say, “I just hope the relationship is professional and respectful€¦. That’s the way it has to be.” So, considering how “diplomatic€ Tibbs has been to his opponent, Mayor Bieter, and also to fellow council members, including Councilwoman Maryann Jordan, throughout his campaign, he’ll be on his best behavior? And just what is that?

Throughout his campaign, Tibbs has attempted to trump up ethics charges against Mayor Bieter, wherein Tibbs purposefully created a situation to “miss€ a Council meeting where he knew a city contract would be discussed, in order to later charge Bieter at a press conference with impropriety and patronage, even though Bieter had abstained from any discussion in the contract matter.

When his allegations failed to stick to the wall, Tibbs took aim at Jordan accusing her of similar charges. In the end, the Boise Ethics Commission took all of 15 minutes to review the charges brought by Tibbs and find them baseless.

Tibbs was also found to have taken credit for a Boise City environmental plan, having switched around a few sentences in a half-assed attempt at plagiarizing and released it as his new “Valley Vision Initiative.€ In his continual sidestep of this fact, he never did grasp the implications of such a move, or how it undermined his effort to appear genuine and equitable.

Regardless of Tibbs’ assessment that he is capable of returning to the City Council without a hitch, I doubt such will be the case. To date, the Mayor and other Councilors have been painfully tactful. Darr and Shae report that in terms of Tibbs’ pending return to the City Council, “Bieter said he doesn’t expect the relationships on the council to change much. ” with Bieter conveying that “[Tibbs] has been passive on the council and I don’t expect that to change,” Bieter said.€ Other councilors have stated that they expect that everybody including Tibbs, can act like grownups, but hey, why start now?

My money is on a totally different outcome. As much as I would enjoy seeing Tibbs squirm through two more years of weekly meetings, I doubt any of us will get the chance.

Understand, above all else, this is a guy with an ego the size of Newark, which is what pushed him to run for City Council to begin with after not being gifted the job of Boise Chief of Police in 2005. Since that time, Tibbs’ behavior has amounted to a poorly played grudge match against all who have offended him, specifically Mayor Bieter and the Council.

With his loss at the polls, I believe it is unlikely that Tibbs will stick around to relish the loss. Instead, he is far more likely to scramble for an appointment from this “buddies€ in the Republican Party to see his way out of the drudgery of lowly Boise politics.

It wouldn’t be the first time someone fashioned a position for Tibbs out of thin air. While Idaho’s Lt. Governor Jim Risch served his 8-month term as Governor, after Gov. Kempthorne was called back to the Bush cabinet, Risch waved his magic wand and deemed Tibbs the first ever “Idaho Drug Czar.€ However, Tibbs’ relationship with the big guys has fallen on troubled times. Not a single elected Republican set foot at Tibbs’ election night party.

After such a dismal performance this campaign season, it will be interesting to see how much groveling ensues before Tibbs finesses his way back into the Republican Party’s good graces. Luckily for Tibbs, he considers himself to be a very diplomatic guy.

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