‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’, IVA is penniless

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By A. Maude Metcalfe

It appears the time of reckoning has come for the Idaho Values Alliance. In a November 13th appeal for cash emailed to subscribers and posted on their website, the IVA board has laid it out on the table for their supporters, give till it hurts, or the IVA is a goner. Send money or it might be time to close the lid and blow taps, or maybe a mournful rendition of “Brother Can You Spare a Dime.”

“To cut to the chase — IVA funding is to a point where, unless additional support materializes, the IVA will be forced to shut down.”

That’s right! The IVA could be history, along with its sole paid employee, the executive director Bryan Fischer.

Bryan Fischer, IVA chairman
Bryan Fischer, IVA chairman.

In the letter sent from Dave Fujii, Loren Mart and Gale Pooley, Compensation Board members for the IVA, there is not enough $ in the coffer for Bryan Fischer’s paycheck. According to the note from the Board, “only ~7% [sic] of the recipients of the IVA newsletter provide donor support for the IVA organization.” To stay afloat, they ask for a mere $0.50/day from every God fearing reader to help Idaho stay on the Straight and narrow.

“We ask you to prayerfully evaluate the value of the IVA’s efforts, and to make a tax-deductible contribution reflecting that evaluation, by December 1, 2007. Giving can be done in several ways, including one time cash donations, monthly pledges, and gifting of stock securities (often having excellent tax advantages).”

This isn’t the first appeal for funding the IVA has sent out. At least once a year they seem to hit the pity wagon for financial support. My guess is their efforts haven’t been especially fruitful.

A better angle might be for Bryan Fischer to follow in the wise footsteps of Rev. Oral Roberts, the minister to the masses who said on January 4, 1987, that without some serious change from the fleeced flock, by March 1, 1987, “God would take him home.”

In his request to raise the Godly required sum of $8 Million, Oral was able to top out with an extra $1.1 million to boot, although $1.3 million of the money raised came from a single viewer, Jerry Collins, who must have had a lot of sins to account for. He was the owner of dog track. Not sure what the problem was though, as I remember, the Bible ever got around to covering betting at a dog track.

The IVA lists the following reasons to urge your support:

* “A sense of security, knowing that the IVA is working with our lawmakers and serving as a voice in the media, actively fighting for family values in Idaho”

* “By reading the IVA newsletter, a heightened awareness of the threats against, as well as triumphs for, the Judeo-Christian values that anchor our American culture”

* “Through our support of the IVA, a realization that we’re making a difference by taking action in such matters as religious liberty (e.g., working to return the study of the Bible to Idaho public schools), strengthening Idaho families (e.g., reforming “no-fault” divorce), and parental choice in education (e.g., through education tax credits).”

* “Confidence that, through the use of the voter’s guide, we are making informed decisions at the polls.”

Let’s look at these points . . .

* Point one. . .oh yes, I feel secure; secure that IVA is doing it’s best to show just how out of touch it is with Idaho Families.

* Point two. . . I certainly have a heightened sense of something when I read their newsletter, although I would liken it more to a heightened sense of awareness of the bile rising into the back of my throat as I read their take on the what constitutes a justifiable waspy America.

* Point three. . . . their actions are making a difference, in distancing themselves from the rational course of action, and further toward the fringes of policy that brings with it a heap of bad press. The rational course to strengthen families and reduce divorce might be in helping to raise the median family income in order to help reduce the number of hours parents are away from each other and their families relieving one of the primary point of stress for all families.
Last but not least . . .

* Point four. . . yes, with the use of the Voter’s Guide, people are indeed making informed decisions at the polls, that of not voting for candidates that pander to this group.
Interesting, when I stop to think about it, they really are having a positive effect in my life.

They allow me the opportunity to sit back and watch them do my work for me by showing society just how irrational they really are. I am almost inclined to send them money right now, but my kids got into my Monopoly Game.

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  1. maybe they should sell keychains made from pieces of the 10 commandments monument. hopefully, this is a sign that the crazies are finally losing in the court of public opinion.

  2. This is a good sign that the likes of Bryan Fisher and his brand of devisive propaganda in the name of Christian values are coming to an end. The lack of funds is a symptom of a lack of support.

  3. I’m afraid the IVA Board might be hitting the communion wine a tad heavy if they think the remaining 97% of the newsletter recipients that haven’t donated are reading their blog because they support the IVA’s agenda, that or this is simply another great example of their typically daft logic.

    Now what am I going to read for a facetious chuckle!?

  4. The Loud works in mysterious ways indeedy. Maybe the IVA could have a Cool Aid drinking contest. It’s worked before. If they want to be nearer to god that’s one way to go. Here on earth, even in low wage Idaho, it takes lots of filthy lucre to run a dream machine.

    I guess if the IVA goes down, so to speak, one would only have the local news coverage to laugh at.

  5. To comment on Frank Miata – our local media is probably going to pass on the news that IVA is sinking. That would be bad news for those who want a christian ruled state. Hell, Channel 7 is still trying to peel the crap off of Brent Coles to repackage him as “new and improved.” the idaho news media sucks!

  6. Looks like the on line version of the Statesman touched on the IVA’s plea a bit. In a sense, I am wondering why they did, “the news” would be if IVA really folds, rather than it having money trouble. Until and unless they fold, the subject is better fodder for bloggers. What is interesting about the situation is that according to the Statesman piece, neither Fischer nor the board is willing to say how much money is necessary to run IVA as is, or what Fischer’s salary is. In other words, there is no way to judge how well the donations are really spent, or how much they are pocketing for the preacher’s salary, and how or where new funding would be spent.
    Things the Statesman should have mentioned as questions doners need answers to:
    1) How much does the IVA need to operate on a bare-bones budget, and what “services” could donors expect from that.
    2) If IVA’s bank account suddenly came into a windfall of donations, would that mean more picketing and leaflets on cars, more direct lobbying at the local level, flying to conferences out of state, a raise for the executive director, what?

  7. I bet they get some pennies from heaven

  8. this one made my day, thanks!

  9. I wonder what they did with the $10,000 they happened to have lying around to pay for the Ten Commandments Monument a year ago. Not that they would use it to feed the hungry or heal the sick.