Bush’s religious extremists face harsh reality

Nov 17th, 2007 | By | Category: News

The conservative extremists who value their own narrow-minded ideology more than our American democracy are in a bit of a pickle locally and nationally.

The bunch who catapulted the worst President in history into the White House by smearing anyone who disagreed with their Taliban-style of governing, are now faced with the prospect of voting for another corrupt Republican who gained the blessing of their religious fearless leader Rev. Pat (I hate gays) Robertson.

Religious conservatives who have invaded the political process are in a bit of a pickle these days. The likelihood that they will have to decide to support Rudy (911 fraud) Giuliani is a bit bothersome for them.

Aside from the fact that Giuliani is tainted with the stench of political corruption is irrelevant, it’s the fact that the man supported gay rights and a woman’s right to choose that sticks in the throat of people like Christian activist Bryan Fischer who heads the Idaho Values Alliance.

As PrideDEPOT reported earlier, the IVA noise machine isn’t getting much grease lately. The fact that people are less concerned about fake causes such as a 10 Commandments monument in a city park and more preoccupied with real-life issues such as an endless war, high fuel costs, and job security to support their agenda seems to escape them.

The tide is shifting for the right-wingers. After years of jamming their ideology down the throats of Americans and bullying politicians to carry their banner or risk an election, the reality of just how wrong it is to follow this bunch is sinking into the collective consciousness of the American people.

All anyone has to do to see just how wrong-headed it is to follow these ideologues is to look at who occupies the White House right now. President George W. Bush is an absolute miserable failure who depended on the mindset that makes up the thinking of those who support the IVA.

The extremists on the far right had the full backing of an intimidated Congress and a weak national news media that catered to their every ideological whim. The majority of Americans today do not support the thinking of those who catapulted Bush into the Oval Office.

The fact that IVA is panhandling for money just to keep the lights on in Idaho is an indication that the voters are less interested in their ideology and more interested in salvaging the democracy that the right-wingers are savagely violated over the years.

This is the man Pat Robertson wants all Christian voters to elect:

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