Moscow ignores wingnuts, defends domestic partner benefits

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The loud whining and grousing you hear is coming from the lunatic fringe who are feasting on sour grapes because they failed to intimidate the Moscow City Council into dumping their benefit program for domestic partners.

Wisdom and fairness won out in Moscow and city leaders decided they were indeed on the right track by extending health care benefits to ALL city employees, including domestic partners.

City leaders came under fire when state Sen. Russell Fulcher (R) District 21 of Meridian, cooked up a scheme to involve the Idaho Attorney General in sending a threatening sounding letter to the council that they need to get on the homo-hating bandwagon.

Deputy AG William A von Tagen fired off a letter to the city council insisting that they rescind their decision or face being in violation of the homo-hating Idaho Constitution.

Yes, that’s right. The heavy-handed threat from the AG’s Office basically told local leaders that the moron in Meridian and his cronies with the Idaho Values Alliance are better suited to micromanage their local affairs.

The AG’s threat had the legal weight of a duck fart and the Moscow City Council knew it so they called his bluff and stood up and told them politely to butt out.

Imagine that!

Local wacko, Bryan Fischer, IVA Executive Director, is screaming like a kid who had his balloon popped all because the good folks in Moscow refused to be pushed around by the bullies of Boise.

Fischer screams on his website that “Moscow defies constitution when they voted 4-1 in favor of offering benefits to employees in domestic partnerships. In other words, the citizens of Moscow have absolutely NO right to decide how to manage their own affairs.

The Moscow City Council has posted the letters on its website that show the correspondence between the city and the AG’s Office as well as several letters of support insisting they stand up against the oppression.

“I have been a resident of the city of Moscow for almost 25 years now, and along with my partner Theresa, have owned property here for almost 15 of those years. . . I am asking that you please hold firm to the resolution that was passed. By maintaining this resolution, you are sending a message not just to Moscow employees and potential employees about how you value them, but a larger message about fairness and inclusiveness in our community. - Rebecca Rod, Program Advisor at the University of Idaho Women’s Center.

“Moscow has been awarded the title of Idaho’s only inclusive city by the National League of Cities. We need to continue to work toward living up to that title . . . Providing equal health benefits for city employees is a major part of treating all our citizens equally. – Ken Faunce, Moscow Human Rights Commission chairman,

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