Boise voters said NO to religious fanitics

Nov 13th, 2006 | By | Category: News

fa-nat-ic: A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause.

Voters in Boise, Idaho, did at least one thing right – they told a group of media-hungry religious lunatics that they value a seperation of church and state.

A twisted like cabal calling themselves Idaho Values Alliance has finally beat that tired dead horse for the last time. They paraded before TV cameras repeatedly to have a 10 Commandments monument returned to a local city park ever since the Boise City Council decided that the monument would be better suited in front of a local downtown church.

Back story:

The 10 Commandments monument was placed as part of a nationwide public relations campaign by movie Director Cecil B. DeMille to promote his film by the same name that featured NRA gun freak Charlton Heston. It wasn’t put there out of a religious conviction; it was a freaking Hollywood PR campaign! It was one of an estimated 4,000 similar markers donated to communities across the nation by the Fraternal Order of Eagles to campaign against juvenile delinquency. A decade later, Creech writes, Cecil B. De Mille got in on the campaign by making his own contribution with the release of The Ten Commandments a movie classic featuring Charlton Heston as Moses. De Mille promoted the movie by placing granite slabs of the commandments in parks, state capital lawns, and courthouses around the country.

Bryan Fischer, Executive Director of Idaho Value Alliance, said to his sheep that “Not only did the city turn its back on God and his abiding standards, it also sent 12 secularists to the state legislature. Of the four main districts which lie wholly within the city limits (Districts 16-19), not a single seat is now held by a conservative.”

In case you didn’t figure it out, those “12 secularists” were Democrats.

Why do they value their personal narrow-minded ideology more than our American democracy?

Editors Update 07/02/08: The original source link “nationwide public relations campaign” has been moved or removed from the Boise City website. A second source on the back story is available on editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
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  1. What irony that a symbol that gets these guys all worked up was put there by Hollywood. You can’t make this stuff up.

    “sent 12 secularists to the state legislature” Last I heard we were not a theocracy!

  2. OK now who wants to convert who again?

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