Idaho Wingnut has “Duh!” Question on Romney

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Yesterday I commented on Idaho wingnut, Bryan Fisher, Bryan Fisher with the Idaho Values Alliance.

Fisher posted a list of seven questions he wanted Mitt Romney to answer during his brief Boise stop to vacuum cash into his campaign.

Six of Fisher’s questions are blatant homophobic rants aimed at limiting any and all rights of homosexuals in America. The one question that wasn’t anti-gay was anti-choice; Fisher’s group would rather women not have a right to safe and legal abortions.

Fisher was quoted by the local media with a classic “DUH” question regarding Romney

“Are his positions a matter of conviction or a matter of convenience?” Fischer asked.

Fisher is a crackpot. Fisher and is IVA bunch are looking for a political leaders who openly hate gays. As long as a politician promises to support IVA’s narrow-minded ideology, they will march behind him like brown-shirt lemmings.

Romney is little more than a political opportunist who with grand illusions. editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
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  1. More like Brown-nose lemmings.