Homophobic Utah PTA Angry at PFLAG Ad

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Once again Utah steps up to the plate to announce to broadcast its homophobic attitude to the world. This time, the rants are coming from the Bountiful High School PTA which has sent a letter to the National Parent Teacher Association threatening to withdraw its membership unless they stop promoting “the alternative lifestyle agenda.”

And what exactly has this group so upset?

They are pissed off over an advertisement that appears in the National PTA magazine that promotes a scholarship program sponsored by the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

The Bountiful PTA members with the apparent support of the statewide PTA view the PFLAG advertisement as a political statement rather than an informational piece.

The Bountiful High PTA letter states:

* “We believe that the promotion of alternative lifestyles to the nation’s youth is a breach of the purposes of PTA.”

* Allowing the advertisement “to appear in a publication supported by our dues monies” assumes Bountiful PTA’s “support of ‘gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning high school students and their supporters.’ ”

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the founder of Bountiful High’s first gay-straight student alliance, now a University of Utah student, described the piece as “really hateful and really disgusting.”

“I know that Bountiful is a very LDS city and the parents think that since it’s a very LDS city the whole school is safe – they think everybody follows Christ-like values,” said Brendon Olsen, 19, told the Tribune. “In real life you actually do have to worry about your sexual preference, sexual identity, gender identity, your race,” suggesting those people struggle in the high school.

Bountiful High School Principal Ryck Astle had the group’s protest letter removed from the school’s website once he realized it was there.

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