Missionaries of Hate invade Idaho

May 17th, 2008 | By | Category: News

A political rally that promoted the extremist views of ultra-right wing ideologues who hate homosexuals brought their message of contempt and fear to Idahoans this weekend at the so-called “Shake the Nation Conference.”

The lineup of speakers was a veritable who’s who of gay bashers cloaking themselves as patriotic American Christians. Idaho’s own Brian Fischer played pied piper luring people to drink the Kool-Aid spiked with contempt and fear.

Fischer, who heads the Idaho Values Alliance, promoted the likes of Pastor Rusty Thomas (left) who stirs up the witch’s brew of scorn by preaching lies that it is impossible for someone to be Christian and gay.

Thomas is applauded by right wing extremists when he calls the Metropolitan Community Church, where many in the gay community gather to worship as, the “sodomite church.”

This is one of the men Fischer promoted on his website. Thomas authored a piece titled, Homosexual Heresies,” where he refers to an MCC official as a “sodomite pastor.”

Thomas wrote that gays and lesbians can never find God’s love if they live as they were born to live.

“You will never find that kind of love in the arms of another man if you’re a homosexual male, nor in the arms of another woman, if you are a lesbian.” – Rusty Thomas.

Tom Newton, leader of the Canyon Area Human Rights Task Force, and Rev. Edwin Keener, president of the Interfaith Alliance clearly and correctly identified the conference as having a “political agenda” that “is more suited for a public park than a place of worship.”

The Idaho Press Tribune (Nampa, Idaho) reported that both groups cosigned a letter to the church board members at Caldwell’s First Baptist expressing displeasure that the “Shake the Nation Conference” would take place inside a house of worship.

Fischer demeaned the Interfaith Alliance on his website by describing it as a “far-left religious advocacy group.”

“We ask that as church leaders you reconsider and withdraw your offer to allow this very divisive group to use the First Baptist Church as a place in which to spread it[s] message of hate and disregard for the laws of America.”– wrote the Interfaith Alliance and Canyon Area Human Rights Task Force (Idaho Press Tribune).

Fischer and his pious friends are the merchants of contempt. Anyone who speaks out and clearly identifies them for what they are is subjected to ridicule and labeled as “far-left” or worse.

These missionaries of hate mask their political agenda behind the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible. They prop themselves up as the soul authority on God and pull the wool over the eyes of believers. They do not promote helping the poor, caring for the sick or preaching love of one another.

They want to “Shake the Nation” into accepting their narrow political ideology, period!

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