Twin Falls tells Gays, ‘No Rainbows’ in Parade

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Wherever there is oxygen, there are queers – including Twin Falls, Idaho, where the local LGBT community has permission to put their float in the annual Western Days Parade as long as they don’t show a rainbow, use their official organization name, or appear gay in any way.

Parade organizers refused to allow the local group in last year’s parade when they showed up with a float decked out with a rainbow and the acronym “GLBT” on it. But rather than go away, these brave and feisty souls parked their float on property adjacent to the parade route in protest making headlines around the state.

Western Days Gay Float 2007 kept out of parade
This is the float from 2007 that was not allowed
to participate in the community Western Day’s parade
parked along side the parade route with protectors.

Members of the of Southern Idaho Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center decided to give it another shot this year and in spite of the roadblocks put up by the Western Days Parade Committee, in an attempt to make it so difficult they would just go away. SIGLBT decided to play by the rules dictated to them and get their float in the event.

Basically there is one rule, remain invisible! Aside from being told that they are not permitted to show rainbow colors, gay symbols, or anything about homosexuality, they were also told they could not enter under their official name. They had to sign up as the “Southern Idaho Community Center” – in other words, something less queer-sounding.

Mary Ann Taylor, Western Days Parade coordinator, slammed the phone down when tried to contact her for a comment about the rules being placed on the LGBT float.

“I have no comment for you people,” Taylor said as she abruptly ended the telephone conversation.

Kelly Dickard, Vice President of SIGLBT, told that the parade organizers have failed to show her the written rules that apply only to her organization and not other entries. She said the written rules that were provided to everyone with the float entry application mostly relate safety issues. There was nothing in the rules or application requires detailed float elements such as what colors are considered offensive or restricted, Dickerd said.

So what does a gay pride float look like without rainbows or anything noticeably queer?

A black and white float is planned with the possibility of having a sign that reads, “We support human rights.”

“They are now claiming that we did not turn in a liability insurance form,” says Dickerd. “I have happened to keep copies of everything we turned in. She [Taylor] has it in her possession. It was sent certified mail. She is just being a stinker.” made repeated attempts to talk with Lisa Cuellar, Western Days Board Chairwoman, but also got a “No comment” response.

Western Days committee assistant chair, Darlene Hiddleson, said the appearance of openly gay people in the parade might provoke violence against them. She went so far as to suggest it could be like “that tragedy that happened in Wyoming,” a reference to the murder of Matthew Shepard.

Twin Falls City Police Captain, Brian Pike, there are no plans to have additional security on hand just because gays are in the parade.

“There is an issue of a potential protest,” Pike said. “I can share with you if we do have a group protesting that float, we’ll expect them to abide by all the laws. They would have to stay on the sidewalk, and not go into the street . . . if people go into the streets or start throwing objects we would not allow the protest to continue.”

So, on Saturday in Twin Falls, Idaho, a group of very brave LGBT citizens will step onto a float and ride in the annual Western Days Parade without rainbows or announcing that they are queer.

But they will be noticed!

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  1. [...] host describe LGBT people “vile” and “cockroaches.” This is also the same location where gays and lesbians had to fight to be seen in a county parade, and were only reluctantly permitted to participate as long as they didn’t “appear” [...]

  2. This article irritates me to no end. However, I will not judge the writer as its author has done. God created us all, He loves us all. People who choose to judge same sex couples, should stop and take a look at their own lives. Are they proclaiming to be Christian, yet judge others and treat them poorly? In my opinion It is no one’s job to judge EXCEPT GOD HIMSELF! We will all have our day before the Heavenly Father. Lets hope we aren’t turned away for judging others before looking at our own mistakes in the mirror. I hope that things have changed since 2007.

  3. I am a open Bisexual who for my husbands work had to relocate to Twin falls.I am not longer surprised by this town at all.I did not know. about this until this morning when a friend and I where talk because they have moved the 4th of July to the 5th believe it or not lol.I can not wait for summers end so I can go back to my community in Reno where we are not told we have to appear unqueer .