Fischer’s abhorrent fear-mongering hits all time low

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The crackpot leader of the so-called Idaho Values Alliance is taking aim at his favorite obsession; homosexuals. Bryan Fischer, IVA executive director, is using the crimes of an Idaho repeat sexual offender as a means to catapult his propaganda that homosexuals should be feared, distrusted, and locked up.

Fischer has hit an all-time low as he links the crimes of 36-year-old Bradley Stowell with the heinous murder and rape of Jessica Lunsford in order to promote fear and lies about all homosexuals.

Stowell’s crimes are well-documented and the manner in which he slipped through the system to repeat his crimes against children are offensive to anyone who values justice – including citizens who just happen to be homosexuals. But this never factors into Fischer’s political agenda to frame all homosexuals as sexual predators and potential child rapists.

On his political website, Fischer uses the crimes committed by Stowell – which do NOT include murder – and he is placing them side-by-side with the February 2005 murder and rape of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford in an effort to seek the enactment of a “Jessica’s Law” specific to Idaho.

Fischer’s fixation with gays is well-known in Idaho. He recently supported a political conference called “Shake the Nation” that included the outrageous propaganda that homosexuals gave rise to Hitler which subsequently lead to the Holocaust.

This is a man who manages to get a free pass from the Idaho news media when he slams gays and lesbians. Reporters obviously have this right-wing propagandist on speed dial because they flock to him whenever they need a quote or a sound bite that will denigrate the gay community.

Fischer knits together a patchwork of hate and misinformation by linking Stowell with the crimes of convicted murderer John Evander Couey, 46, who was a repeat sexual offender who raped and murdered little Jessica.

To Fischer they are one and the same. Fischer fails to mention that Couey was heterosexual. But since when does a propagandist like Fischer care about facts. His agenda is to generalize and smear homosexuals to the point that you don’t think of gay people as human beings that way it makes it much easier to justify all levels of contempt and injustice against them.

Fischer uses the IVA non-profit status as a weapon against those who do not agree with his narrow-mined political ideology. This pious snake oil salesman paints himself as a Christian, but seldom if ever does he use his political clout to reach out to Idaho’s sick, poor, and homeless. You know, the kind of grassroots activism enacted by Jesus Christ himself!

I cannot think of one gay friend or ally who does not support laws that would protect children against sexual assault or abuse, but to listen to Brian Fischer, you would think that homosexuals are hiding behind every tree in a park ready to pounce on an innocent child.

Using the heinous murder of an innocent 9-year-old girl in order to demonize all homosexuals as a threat to society is in itself loathsome even for a well-seasoned propagandist like Bryan Fischer! editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
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