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Bryan Fischer Idaho Values AllianceBryan Fischer, who IS the Idaho Values Alliance, performs like Jekyll and Hyde for TV news cameras. Yesterday, Fischer took advantage of Boise’s local network affiliates to pull traffic to his non-profit political website that graphically outlines the agenda he promotes which he did not have the chutzpah to actually repeat on camera.

Fischer loves the media attention. He sent out e-mail alerts letting his fan club know that he would have TV time in the local Boise market. The man actually sent out invitations to watch him perform in a media advisory headlined, “IVA INTERVIEWED BY ALL NETWORK AFFILIATES FOR STOWELL STORY.” The “it’s all about me” notice included all the TV and radio stations that he says would be interviewing him.

If you’re a dedicated member of the Fischer Fan Club, let me set the record straight (if I may be so presumptuous to use that word), no one can dispute for a moment the importance to keep children safe and protected from sexual predators like Bradley Stowell. Moreover, this is a concern shared within the LGBT community. What is at issue here are Fischer’s methods. He hides behind this serious issue in order to promote his political agenda of attacking and vilifying homosexuals.

The image seen on local TV news stations shows Fischer proposing a mandatory blanket 25-year sentence for all sex offenders on the first offense in Idaho. Few would argue with the need for strong sentencing for sexual predators, but it’s his tone on his non-profit political website that is lacking review and questioning from the media. Fischer was sending out an email ACTION ALERT earlier in the day that contained the following paragraph:

“As a side note, this tragic incident confirms that the Boy Scouts are absolutely right to “discriminate” against homosexuals who want to serve as Scout leaders. The rate of pedophilia among homosexuals is up to sixteen times as high as among heterosexuals (homosexuals comprise just 3% of the population but are responsible for between 34% and 40% of all instances of child sexual abuse), and the BSA has a right and a responsibility to protect the young boys under its care from predatory adults,” wrote Fischer.

Fischer is obsessed with homosexuals to the point that he seeks out every opportunity to portray us as evil, but this time he crossed the line. This fraud who calls himself a Christian is getting away with equating innocent gay citizens in Idaho as potential child molesters and child murderers.

With the exception of the Press-Tribune in Nampa, Idaho, the Boise media looked the other way only a few weeks ago, as Fischer promoted the propaganda of right-wing extremists who would have the world believe that homosexuals were responsible for the Holocaust. This man represents the lunatic fringe and now he is positioning himself to draft a Jessica’s Law for Idaho! God only knows what it might include.

In the true style of a fraud and propagandist, Fischer tosses out unsubstantiated claims that “homosexuals comprise just 3% of the population,” that is a deliberate gross under estimation. The anti-gay groups that Fischer represents have a clear social and political agenda in mind. They trivialize our existence by not reporting our real population numbers. At the same time they want to promote fear in people and the best way to do that is lead people to believe that homosexuals are a looming threat to America.

Fischer’s non-profit political website is misleading when he says gays only make up 3% of the population. The most recent estimate of the gay, lesbian and bisexual population in 2006, was by a report issues by senior research fellow, Gary J. Gates, PhD of the Williams Institute that reports 8.8 percent.

Furthermore, there are other highly credible studies that indicate that there is no basis for associating child molestation with homosexuality. This should be called out for what it is, fear-mongering!

The results of one study in the Official Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics, concluded that of the 269 children studied who were sexually abused, that they were “unlikely to have been molested by identifiably gay or lesbian people. Of the cases studied involving molestation of a boy by an adult male, 74 percent of the men were or had been in a heterosexual relationship with the boy’s mother or another female relative.

The study concluded that “a child’s risk of being molested by his or her relatives heterosexual partner is over 100 times greater than by someone who might be identifiable as being homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual.”

Fischer continues to bask freely in front of local TV news cameras without so much as a hard question about his motives. He manages to put that false front up for reporters who seem to be in a coma and willing to give this lunatic-fringe wingnut a free pass. Fischer goes unchallenged by a weak Boise media.

The face he puts on in front of the cameras does not match the image he presents on his non-profit political website, yet he gets away with it. Why does the Boise media give this man a free pass? Do they not look at his website? Do they not see the agenda he promotes? Using the horrible murder of an innocent little girl to frame all gay people as potential child molesters cannot and should not go unchallenged!

And if THIS man is behind creating ANY laws, they need to be looked at and examined with total scrutiny.

PrideDEPOT.com editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
Jody May-Chang now writes on "As I See It...Reporting from the front lines

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  1. Jody,
    Excellent post. Bryan Fischer is, IMHO, a bigot who will tell any lie to try to fool his gullible supporters. His brand of hate is one of the things that made me realize, when I moved to Idaho in 2004, that I’m a Democrat in Idaho politics.
    That being said, I think you have a typo in your post. You mention the Williams study on prevelance of the GLB population in the U.S.; that report says that there are 8.8 million GLB people in the U.S., not 8.8 percent. Out of 300 million people, that works out to 2.9%, which matches a recent Hunter College survey: http://www.pollster.com/blogs/moore_hunter_colleges_lgb_poll.php

  2. CORRECTION: I did make an error where I said the GLB population is 8.8% As you suggest, that should have read 8.8 million people. It was a late night editing mistake and I apologize and will be more diligent in the future. With that said, the error does not negate the other points of the piece. Thanks for keeping me honest Bublehead!

  3. Jody,
    You’re welcome. As we fight against the hyperbole that Bryan Fischer and his ilk throw around, it’s important that we not give him anything to divert attention from the substance of our message. Seeing you freely admit that you made a small mistake definitely sets you apart from Fischer, who very rarely will admit to the serial errors in his pieces: http://bubbleheads.blogspot.com/2007/02/im-equal-opportunity-mocker-and.html