Melaleuca Freedom Celebration has limits

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Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSlootThe Melaleuca Corporation that backed a campaign to squelch funding for Idaho Public Television because it dared to show “It’s Elementary” is hosting its own illusion of liberty with July 4th events in Idaho Falls.

The “Melaleuca Freedom Celebration” is backed by the company run by Frank VanderSloot, (left) who went after IPTV in 1999 with a public relations campaign using billboards and arm-twisting of state lawmakers to pull the stations funding because “It’s Elementary” dared to depict gay people as…well…. human beings.

The Melaleuca Empire also provided Lt. Gov. Jim Risch with the freedom to fly the friendly skis of VanderSloot Airlines aboard the wealthy Republican’s private Lear Jet in order to campaign for the U.S. Senate.

The so-called Melaleuca Freedom Celebration is free to those who agree with rightwing censorship and corporate welfare for political cronies. editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
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  1. It’s frustrating to read posts where happy Melaleuca Marketing Executives or go on and on about Melaleuca and Frank VanderSloot’s pure, angelic, and environmetally sound motives. As a SE Idaho native, I can assure you that Melaleuca (as a corporate entity) and Frank are ultimately motivated by one thing – accumulating power.

    Frank’s power has begotten more money, political control in Idaho (which helps his standing with the BBB, helps him squash anti-MLM legislation, and numerous other bully tactics), and coming soon; right-wing, two-button media outlets.

    Here’s one of my favorite batcrap-crazy things Frank has done lately: There is a windmill farm going up in the foothills near Idaho Falls and Frank has convened municipal hearings and taken out ads in the local paper condemning the wind turbines because he thinks they’re ugly. Outside the public spotlight, Frank has lots of good things to say about the virtues of oil shale mining in Wyoming and the Four Corners area.

    “The natural beauty of Wolverine Canyon” is Frank’s platform for campaigning against wind power in SE Idaho. Basing a public and undoubtedly expensive campaign on an argument that is as subjective as how something looks is kooky, but if it had come from his heart (?!?) I’d understand. Well, dear reader, I can assure you that Frank is kooky like a fox (or one of the coyotes he loves to shoot from his helicopter).

    Now you may look at images of a wind turbine and an oil shale mine side-by-side and think that the wind turbine is a crime against nature and the open-pit mine is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, but I doubt it. I suspect that the reason Frank dislikes the Wolverine Creek Wind Farm is because he doesn’t have a stake in it. The land that the windmills are really on is mostly unproductive, privately-owned (not by Frank) dry farms and it is leased (through intermediaries) to Washington Power, who, at a markup, can sell green power to their customers.

    I’d love to ask Frank a couple of questions. “Do you own land in Wyoming or the Four Corners area that has, say, millions of dollars worth of oil shale on it? Do you own stock in any oil shale operations? Do the coyotes tell you that windmills are beautiful and that’s why you mercilessly hunt them?”

    If you’re interested, please do some research and let the public know what YOU find out about Frank’s anti-environmentally-sound-alternative-power-source propaganda mission brought to you by the Wellness Company.

    Thank you,