Bryan Fischer & Idaho media need a spanking!

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Bryan Fischer, Executive Director of Idaho Values AllianceIs Bryan Fischer using the Bible to condone child abuse? Many think so! The Spokesman-Review reported Thursday that a 21 year old mother of a 22-month-old was cited by police, in the Idaho panhandle town of Coeur d’Alene, for injury to a child after being observed during at a July 4th parade, by NINE witnesses, administering a spanking characterized as one that “went far beyond spanking.”

“It’s kind of rare that we get people that will write witness statements. For nine witness statements to be written, that’s fairly compelling, and the officer felt he should take action.” – Police spokeswoman Sgt. Christie Wood (Spokesman Review)

The woman was ticketed for a misdemeanor which could be punishable of up to a year in jail, if she is convicted. The court will decide this on the merits of the case.

Stepping up to the plate to offer his gaseous opinion is self-anointed morality czar, Bryan Fischer. The media-hungry egotist boasts on his website about yet another free pass from the press by getting his opinion on spanking linked to the Spokesman Review’s blog, Huckleberries.

Fischer disregards eye-witness accounts of what happened and immediately launches into a tirade about the government interfering with childrearing. Mind you, Fischer was not present when the incident took place, but since when would facts and details matter to an ideologue with a political agenda.

Even if you dismiss Fischer’s blathering about parental discipline of a child, what should stop anyone cold is how this fraud graphically describes how he beat the bottoms of his own kids. Fischer ducks between the pages of the Bible to find justification for hitting his own children. It is disturbing how Fischer describes these incidents.

Posted on his non-profit political website, Fischer pridefully says:

As Solomon said in his wisdom, “He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him (Prov 13:24).”

In fact, if we take Solomon’s words at face value – and I do – then it is actually a form of child abuse not to spank a child when that’s what he needs.

When we found it necessary to spank our young children, we never said to them, “I love you, but I have to spank you,” as if the two were opposites. Rather, we said, “Because I love you, I must spank you.”

We always made sure our discipline was controlled (we discovered that five swats with a wooden cooking spoon on a bare bottom had a wonderfully salutary effect), made sure they understood exactly why they were being spanked (so they understood it wasn’t because we were mad but because of willful disobedience on their part – they would have to tell us in their own words why they were being spanked), and then made sure the parent who administered the discipline was the parent who comforted them after the spanking was over (we held them in a loving embrace after a spanking, dried their tears, and enjoyed the way they melted into our arms before they run off to resume play).

What is more disturbing is that Fischer is not only proud of this behavior he promotes it. At the same time boasting the evils of gay parents with unsubstantiated claims like in his latest homo hating piece “WHY SAME-SEX MARRIAGE IS BAD FOR CHILDREN.” Obviously Fischer doesn’t know my son who has grown up to be a fine very well adjusted heterosexual young man. He has a deep and abiding respect for women and no problem bonding with other men.

In this “daily update” Fischer quotes psychologist Trayce Hansen’s, junk science on the evils of same-sex marriage for children. Not only do Hansen’s writings not stand up to peer review, but it is Fischer’s only source material. Just to show that lunatics attract, Hansen also believes rape is not a crime of violence but rather a myth perpetuated by feminists. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention one of Hansen’s biggest fans is the one and only Dr. Laura Schlesinger.

So as a mom myself, I too know a bit about parenting and Fishers characterization of how he disciplined his children, to me, is child abuse with the added twisted mind game of telling the child he is doing this because he loves them. This turns my stomach.

If I ever took my kids pants off and hit him with a kitchen utensil 5 times on his naked backside, I would have been arrested. No doubt in that case, Fischer would be leading a witch hunt.

Fischer continues to go unchallenged by a largely weak Idaho media that seems more than willing to give him a platform and hoist him up as a legitimate representative of the Christian community. If anyone needs a spanking, it’s the reporters who continuously give this wingnut legitimacy.

Dave Oliveria, editor of the northern Idaho Spokesman-Review blog, Huckleberries, posted the most benign portion of Fishers pious diatribe posing the question, “Do you agree or disagree with the analysis by Bryan Fischer/Idaho Values Alliance?”

Like every reporter covering family issues would, Oliveria failed to ask Fischer about the methods he used to discipline his children that were so disturbingly posted for the world to read. What Fischer admits to doing is beyond disturbing, but not surprising. However, what is surprising is how time after time, the media in this area offers Fischer a free pass without so much as a hard question.

Maybe the media AND Fischer need time in the woodshed!

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