Crying Game Update: Fischer & Swindell to pay City today

Jul 15th, 2008 | By | Category: News

Bryan Fischer Idaho Values AllianceThis is probably not the last we will hear of the 10 Commandments crying game from Idaho Values Alliance executive director Bryan Fischer.

Today on his non-profit political website Fischer states that, “Thanks to an outpouring of support from citizens, Brandi Swindell and I will be able today to satisfy Boise’s demand for over $10,000 in attorney’s fees by the July 15 deadline set by the city.”

So the whining paid off for Fischer making others responsible to bail him out of a mess he and Swindell created all by their lonesomes.

Fischer also says that he and Swindell will be submitting a letter to the City of Boise along with a check for the full amount of the judgment, covering attorney’s fees Fischer and Swindell cost the city from their frivolous lawsuit.

Fischer pledges to release the letter to the media “after we settle up with the city”. In usual Fischer style, the letter will be posted on his website and spamed to his “IVA distribution list”.

My guess, the crying game is not over yet!

How will the local media handle this? Will they ask him the hard questions or just shove a microphone in his face and give him yet another free pass?

Given his history with Idaho and regional news media, my guess is that Fischer will get another pass and an opportunity to grandstand so he can, once again, boast about all the positive media coverage he pulls off.

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