Boise media falls for Fischer publicity stunt

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Bryan Fischer Idaho Values Alliance Brandi SwindellAn already overexposed Brian Fischer, Idaho Values Alliance executive director, managed to pull off yet another publicity stunt that got mixed coverage from the Boise news media.

Like a second-rate actor trying to take center stage, Fischer made his rehearsed appearance at Boise City Hall with choreographed hand-off of a check to the city treasure to add drama to his role as the persecuted Christian fighting the Antichrists in government.

“Here is a check from the good citizens of Boise for that precise amount.” Says Fischer, as he hands it to the city treasurer.

This of course, was yet another pathetic attempt by Fischer to milk coverage from a mostly comatose news media that seems willing to play into his hands without so much as a difficult question tossed at him.

The Idaho Statesman had a few short paragraphs today with straight news reporting.

In one report on KTVB Channel 7, we just saw old footage of the 10 Commandments monument being moved from the park. They did make the point that he July 15th deadline was to “contact” the city but 7 did not go far enough and challenge Fisher on this point.

In KBCI Channel 2’s report, although they only filmed the hand off of the check, they did provide Swindell with the platform to play martyr on how the city went after them for “simply for speaking out for the 10 Commandments.” Again this went unchallenged.

However, the biggest offender was Shane Johnson at KIVI Channel-6 who let Fischer go unquestioned as he played out his role in the crying game.

KIVI Boise Channel 6 Reported Shane JohnsonJohnson reported, “It looked like a reality TV show was being filmed at City Hall today as two Christian Activists were followed around by cameras as they went to pay more than $10,000 bill stemming from their legal battle over the 10 Commandments.”

Johnson also said, “The City put liens on property and gave the two three weeks to pay the ten grand. Sloppy reporting Shane! The City’s letter actually said, “If we do not hear from you by July 15th, 2008, we will proceed against you to collect the amounts due, plus interest and costs.”

Johnson gave a free pass to another of Fischer’s lies where Fischer has been falsely asserting the city only gave them three weeks to pay up or he would lose his home!

Johnson also said in his report that, “Some consider the media filled journey through the City Hall a publicity stunt.”

Shane, Shane Shane, YOU followed them with your cameras from the street, through the doors, into the elevator, the obviously staged check hand off and back out again through what you called, “the maze of city offices.”

Bryan Fischer Idaho Values Alliance

Fisher used you and you let him by giving him an unchallenged platform to perpetuate lies and embellish the truth for his own agenda.

Although there are conflicting reports about when the lien was placed on the two’s property what is clear is that a lien is NOT a foreclosure as Fisher wines about in his letter to Scott B. Muir of the Boise City Attorneys Office.

Fischer says in the letter, “we have been able to meet the city’s July 15th deadline and have been able to protect our homes and personal property from foreclosure.”

Foreclosure!?! What a blatant misrepresentation of the truth taking martyrdom to a new level.

Hm…Bryan, isn’t that a violation of the 9th commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Lie?”

Apparently Fischer’s reverence for the 10 commandments stops when it no longer servers his lunatic fringe political propaganda agenda.

Just in case Fischer is still not clear on what a lien really is, here is a brief lesson.
“…the term lien refers to a very specific type of security interest, being a passive right to retain (but not sell) property until the debt or other obligation is discharged.” (Wikipedia)

Local media just does not get it. Fischer not only lies but he shades the truth on a situation he had four years to resolve. Fischer and Swindell are playing victim all the while Fischer has the media dangling on a string.

When Fischer says jump, the local media does just that without so much as a question about his “facts” or political agenda.

Shame on Shane! Channel 6 gets an “A+” for dramatic effect and an “F” on reporting.

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  2. How ya like it, though—they covered the amount. Number one, I guess that should tell you they have support. I sent a Franklin myself.

    Number two is even more important. Here’s what you don’t get–Swindell and Fischer are emerging as leaders in a slowly materializing political movement. If not them, people like them. Propaganda is essential to political movements.

    I love propaganda, provided its my sort. Prop provides ideological support and morale boosting to adherents. So its actually smart on their part, wouldn’t you say? All social and political movements engage in propagandizing. Of course, all adherents believe their propaganda is true.

    Now this political movement–it has several seemingly unrelated parts which upon certain stupid actions of our leaders will suddenly unify and form a coherent whole as yet unrecognizable. There are armed factions as well. There are religious aspects, as well as social and political. Brandi and Bryan are of the religious and political elements and may as yet be unaware just what they are tapping into.

    Where did this movement begin? In response to the liberal excesses of the sixties and seventies, an iconoclastic conservative counter movement began, with many fronts, but most importantly, home schooling and Christian schooling. In these environments, a new demographic was reared.

    Swindell is one of them, and not by any means the first or last.

    You are also aware of the militia movement.

    So be advised my friend that its just starting. And theres not a thing you or the government can do to stop it. How will it end? we don’t know? Chaos approaches, and when the system fails, a vacuum will be created. Someone and something will fill that vacuum. I really hope its not a military dictator or something along that lines, but a new provisional government created by the right and a return to the founding precepts.

    No doubt you are laughing now. Keep laughing. When you see the evening news describing a situation here such as was seen in Northern Ireland for the last thirty years, you won’t be laughing anymore.

  3. emm.. good one.

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  5. [...] Boise media falls for Fischer publicity stunt [...]

  6. [...] hesitate to boast about it on his non-profit political website. Unfortunately, reporters who flock to his impromptu press conferences or bogus stand-ups are no match for this master of verbal [...]