Boise media emerges from coma on Fischer

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Maybe the days of Bryan Fischer getting a free pass from the Boise media are at long last over! The Idaho Statesman emerged from its long slumber today with a slightly blistering opinion piece from Dan Popkey pointing out what has been saying all along; the media lets itself be used by this fraud.

Popkey asks one simple question that sums up Fischer’s hunger for media attention: Why not mail the check?

But what Popkey really should be asking is: How is this news?

Popkey is living in glass house; after all, the Idaho Statesman has helped Fischer to be elevated to the status of self-proclaimed spokesman for the so-called “family values” set by handing him the keys to the newsroom. The Statesman let Fischer have his own periodic column thereby validating this fraud. has been actively calling out the media on its lazy coverage which is at the root of what Fischer and his non-profit political website truly represent.

Providing Fischer and his band of propagandists with a media platform that goes unchallenged by reporters is lazy and unacceptable. Fischer makes fools of local reporters who fail to look closely at what he says on his website and the manner in which he uses every interview or bit of ink in the press as a means to promote himself and his narrow-minded political agenda.

If Popkey finally woke up and smelled the coffee, could the rest of the Idaho media be far behind? editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
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  1. Well it’s obvious to me. That Dan Popkey let you guys do all the research and ground work and he just sat on his ass and got paid to do the same story you guys have been writing about. Maybe the Idaho Statesman should look at Popkey’s stories and really figure out who writing them, certainly not Popkey. You guys rock for putting out story before Popkey and other media in Idaho. Thanks – keep up the good

  2. Oh thats Popkeys MO. Thats how he write all his stories. If you look at Popkeys records, all information as been posted before. He cheats and then write a story. It’s time someone outed Popkey.

  3. FYI.