According to Bryan Fischer it’s all about genitals!

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Bryan Fischer Idaho Values AllianceIdaho Values Alliance Executive Director, Bryan Fischer (left) is once again showing his true colors of intolerance and hatred to all things not Fischer. We know about his obsession with homosexuals and but now the self anointed values Gestapo, has shifted his obsession to the genitals of a transgender woman.

As usual not only does Fischer skew the truth to fit his twisted ideology, he conveniently omits germane information in order to spread his venom of hatred and misinformation.

His latest tirade on a woman’s gender identity, something he knows absolutely nothing about, but I am sure he thinks he is an expert on, is nothing more than hateful.

Karen Deamons is a male to female transgender woman who has been on hormone treatments and living exclusively as a women for an extended period of time.

Deamons, who is in a wheelchair, requires regular exercise in a pool. She is on a limited income and can not afford a private club membership. Therefore, her only resource is the city pool.

Deamons was using a private stall in the women’s locker room to change in for about five months when someone complained. City officials of the Cleveland, Ohio public Cudell Recreation Center are now forcing her to use the men’s locker room, despite her looking and behaving as a woman.

City officials hinged their mandate based on Deamons answer to one very inappropriate question, had she completed sex reassignment surgery. One wonders had Deamons not answered honestly what would have happened. Consequently, she is now forced to use the men’s locker room where there are no doors on the stalls.

The City said they would empty the men’s locker room for her to use it but that just draws more attention to her and rarely happens anyway. Then, earlier this month, employees took the humiliation further by insisting Deamons now sign into the pool on the men’s registration sheet.

For Daemons things came to a tipping point when a little boy asked why a woman was in the men’s locker room. This incident prompted Daemons to file a discrimination law suit against the City of Cleveland, Ohio.

Deamons says she just can not do it anymore. “Every time I go through there, it’s tearing my insides out.”

Of course this burns Bryan Fisher. The local “Village Idiot”, as our friends at 43rd State Blues like to call him. In his ever so disrespecting way Fischer refuses to refer to Daemons as ‘she’ or ‘her’ and in a most disturbing manner neglects to acknowledge her as a human being with feelings. Very Christian Bryan!

Deamons said she is afraid that gangs will beat her up if they see her coming out of the men’s room or signing in to use the pool on the men’s registration sheet.

“I’m opening myself to get beat up,” said Deamons, who refuses to sign the men’s sheet and so is not allowed to swim. “They’re infringing on my rights.”

This is a very real fear as transgender people have been beaten and murdered on a regular basis in this country and abroad. Imagine being in that kind of fear just for being who you are, then add the additional vulnerability of be disabled and in a wheelchair.

All of these facts Fischer conveniently omits from his diatribe simply in an effort to demean and define someone according to his narrow perspective. He does this by refusing to refer to Karen Daemons as a woman, while using mostly male pronouns throughout his transphobic rant overemphasizing his contempt for her.

This “ex-pastor” and alleged man of God is a fraud disguised as compassionate Christian as revealed by his own statements. While referring to Deamons’s court case, Fischer says, “That view, of course, is a biological, scientific and rational absurdity – he is not and never will be a ‘normal woman.’ He was born a male and will die a male.”

As usual, Fischer never sites one single scientific study to support his uninformed opinion. He simply states it as fact, therefore, everyone should automatically buy into his claims.

“Although no additional proof of his maleness is necessary – the biological equipment with which he was born leaves the objective observer in no doubt – the man has been married twice and is the father of three children,” spews Fischer.

Nancy Nangeroni, a long time gender equality advocate, co-producer of GenderVision and a transgender woman herself, told, “The fact that Karen Deamons was born male may render controversial whether she can ever be truly female, but it does not prevent her from living as a woman, and it hurts no one to accept her as such. Those who might feel discomfort at the shape of her genitals should be neither seeing nor thinking about her genitals. If they can’t keep themselves from doing so, that’s their problem; her genitals are none of their business.”

Fischer is obsessed with promoting his narrow ideological agenda. So much so, that he lacks the ability to demonstrate the slightest ounce of basic human compassion for those who do not match up to his limited perspective. Compassion requires a deep feeling of sympathy for someone; it also requires a strong desire to alleviate their suffering. By contrast, Fischer’s baseless comments do nothing but enhance suffering.

Fischer seems always quick to place and crawl up on the crucifix as if he is suffering in the name of Jesus Christ himself. But rather than “Love Thy Neighbor” or refrain from “casting the first stone,” Fischer would rather see gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people as less than human. As long as Fischer can define LGBT people as subhuman by repeatedly focusing on their genitals and how they have sex, he doesn’t need to show compassion.

In other words, Fischer is free to be as un-Christ like as he wishes while promoting his contempt for others on his non-profit political website. And as long as the media provides him a platform that is free of tough questions, this man will continue to stand out as the most recognizable spokesman for Christian believers in Idaho. How very sad. editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
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  1. Byran,

    You have no idea how hard life can be when you know you should have been born the other sex . I have tried to find ways for this to go away but it does’nt and I have learned you got to go with what you are inside .Outside means nothing with out the rest .You have to find a way to understand your self and others.

  2. I fully support Karen Deamons and others like her who have to fight for the basic respect given to others. She’s a threat to no one, but feared by many.