Swindell publicity stunt has legs – in Idaho

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Brandi Swindell
Boise media eats up Brandi Swindell’s non-news publicity stunt in China

A resounding standing ovation is in order for Brandi Swindell and her friends for pulling off a non-news publicity stunt that garnered them the media attention they so desperately crave.

But by the same token, a resounding boo-hiss to the local Boise media for giving this non-news publicity stunt legs.

According to the coverage in Boise, you would think Swindell and her comrades were confined to a Chinese prison and tortured when in fact, they were basically told to shut up and go away.

Swindell was with two other rightwing religious parrots who unfurled a banner reading “Jesus Christ is King” in English and Chinese when they were eventually confronted by authorities.

Personally, I think the Chinese police should have let them just stand there until sundown because taking their banner and hauling them away to check their passports fed right into their agenda of gaining media attention in the US.

And what do you know? It worked! This is media savvy that is worthy of a tip of the hat because when it comes to making a non-news event into “news,” the right-wingers know just how to spoon feed it to a gullible press.

Joining Brandi at the staged non-news event was Michael McMonagle of Philadelphia and Rev. Patrick Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition in Washington, D.C.

When I first heard of Swindell’s stunt, I was in my car listening to Boise’s National Public Radio station. And without missing a beat, the reporter went right to Bryan Fischer for his reaction about the event.

Fischer’s non-news quote about the non-news event was basically, non-news worthy.

Of course Fischer wasn’t asked was how financially-strapped Brandi was able afford an expensive trip to China when only a few weeks ago she and Fischer did the “Crying Game” over how to pay a $10,000 court-ordered fine for their “10 Commandments” stunt?

But so far the local Boise media is eating this nonsense up with a spoon and regurgitating it as if it were something that actually matters, when in fact, it is much ado about Brandi.

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