Statesman exaggerates Swindell episode

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Idaho Statesman reporter Heath Druzin is working from the Brandi Swindell talking points memo today.

Druzin reported that Swindell and Rev. Patrick Mahoney were “dragged across Beijing’s Tienanman Square on their knees shortly after kneeling to pray.”

The Statesman even uses a video clip to prove the allegation. But there is just one big problem; there is NO evidence of either of these two people being “dragged across Beijing Tienanmen Square on their knees.”

Druzin’s story makes about the fourth article published about this non-news event on the Statesman’s website. The reporters occupying space inside the Idaho Statesman newsroom are proving that they have a serious lack of a news judgment.

What is clearly troubling is how Druzin is repeating the same misrepresentation that is posted on Bryan Fischer’s website about Swindell being dragged on her knees by Chinese authorities. The irony here is that the very clip that both Fischer’s propaganda site and the Statesman refer to is titled “Chinese handle more protesters softly.”

Yet, to read the Statesman’s repeated on-going coverage of the Swindell saga, you would think she was a political prisoner.

Watching how the local Boise media market is jumping on this fake public relations event would be amusing if it weren’t for the fact that they are feeding it to the public as if it is news.

I can just see the massive gathering of Brandi Swindell fan club at the Boise Airport as she arrives just in time for TV cameras and reporters to capture her every word. And yet not one hard question about her motivations or why it is being reported that she was “dragged” on her knees where there is no video evidence to support that claim.

I have to bow and tip my hat to Swindell and her abilities to manipulate the Boise media. She is a pro at sweeping the newsroom hacks off their feet!

Brandi Swindell China

Brandi Swindell China

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  1. I was surprised that I didn’t hear about her fundraising campaign for her China trip. It worked so well to pay her 10k court fees. If I was a better person I might feel sorry for someone who goes to China during a phenomenolly historical event and spends her time praying for the heathens. But then again I’m not a better person and I think Brandi Swindell could probably have a good career on her knees.