IVA skates tax-free while others pay big

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Idaho’s self-appointed morality czar whined about high taxes while performing his comedy routine on a rightwing radio show broadcast out of Rupert, Idaho. Bryan Fischer, Idaho Values Alliance executive director, frolics in tax-free status while suggesting among other things that tax dollars aimed at helping people with serious drug addictions be diverted to religious organizations since they apparently know better than the professionals trained to deal with such earthly matters.

Fischer’s narrow perspective is best described by Idaho Mountain Goat:

* So Fischer, whose organization pays no taxes as a non-profit corporation, appears to be concerned with putting “bricks” in taxpayers’ backpacks and he’s suggesting that the budget cuts already in place could or should have been put in place sooner and the money used to pay for the estimated $240 million shortfall in road funding, as if there were some magic, state government waste repository just lying around waiting for some sharp-eyed wizard with an “abracadabra.” Idaho MountainGoat –

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