KBCI cheapens stem cell story with Fischer

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An important issue about scientific medical research was cheapened tonight by KBCI Channel 2 when they ran a local rightwing propagandist for a cheap sound bite.

President Obama put the breaks on the far right extremists who stopped stem cell research because it is at odds with their ideological agenda. Tonight, KBCI wanted to get “a local” angle on the issue so of course, they run to none other than the self-proclaimed leader of the Christian community, Bryan Fischer.

Fischer is not a doctor. He is not an official spokesman for any religious group, he is simply a mouthpiece for his one-man band, the Idaho Values Alliance. Yet, the local reporters can’t get enough of this guy.

So instead of helping viewers to understand the issues surrounding stem cell research, they make a beeline to Fischer to give him airtime to spew his usual extremist talking points. Fischer flashes every one of his media interviews on his IVA website as if it gives him credibility.

When did Fischer suddenly become an expert in stem cell research? He’s an simply an expert in manipulating the media and promoting divisive talking points.

KBCI did interview Cara Walsh whose daughter could benefit from the research, but Fischer still managed to get a longer sound bite on a story that does not directly impact him. While the Walsh’s face a serious and complicated medical crisis, all Fischer could talk about is how his precious tax dollars should not be used for scientific research.

My own mother died three years ago due to the advancing stages of Alzheimer’s and when I see local reporters run to the likes of Bryan Fischer, I get very angry. The media is giving this man more credibility than he deserves.

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