Fischer dehumanizes trans murder victim Angie Zapata

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In the “Bonus Bytes” section of the Idaho “Values” Alliance daily updates, Bryan Fischer goes on another one of his transphobic rants:

“Expect to hear a lot from homosexual activists calling for “hate crimes” legislation in the wake of the death of a man in Colorado who claimed to be a woman trapped in man’s body. This man, who went by the name Angie Zapata, committed a sex crime himself by enticing one Allen Andrade into a sexual relationship “by…deception.” That is, Andrade thought his paramour was a woman. Such a sex crime is subject, under Colorado law, to enhanced sentencing as an “extraordinary risk crime.” When Andrade discovered he’d been duped, he flew into a rage and beat this transgendered man to death. Andrade should be punished to the full extent of the law for taking the law into his own hands, regardless of the sexual orientation of his victim. Every crime is a hate crime, and all victims are deserving of equal protection, since all should be equal under the law. Hate crimes laws, which give greater protection to some victims than others, are truly terrible laws and unjust on their face.” – Bryan Fischer 04/14/09

Although Fischer contends that Andrade should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, the not so subtle sub-text says something quite different. Fischer’s contempt for Zapata is clear in his absolute defiance and refusal to acknowledge, or refer to, her as woman.

Transgender woman Angie Zapata murdered by Allen Andrade

Just as reprehensible Fisher goes on to misrepresent Colorado law in order to justify blaming the victim for her own murder claiming Zapata (left) “committed a sex crime himself by enticing one Allen Andrade (right) into a sexual relationship ‘by…deception.’”

First we were hard pressed to find any substantiation that Zapata had committed such a crime other than a comment made by the defendant’s attorney. What Fischer did here is take an undefined reference to the word “deception” and twist it to fabricate a lie.

Fischer crafts his deception from the following statute:

18-1-505. Consent.
(3) Unless otherwise provided by this code or by the law defining the offense, assent does not constitute consent if:…(d) It is induced by force, duress, or deception.

Fischer’s statement “Such a sex crime is subject, under Colorado law, to enhanced sentencing as an “extraordinary risk crime.” is yet another leap of fiction. Our searches performed for Colorado Code that included the phrase ‘extraordinary risk crime,’ resulted in references related to sexual assault and crimes of violence. We could not locate any such phrase related to 18-1-505(3)(d).

This is nothing more than a fabrication by Fischer. He makes up facts to spread his venom and incite fear and contempt of transgender people, ultimately blaming Zapata for her own murder.

Fischer leaves out jail house conversations that document Andrade referring to Zapata as “it” and making other incriminating statements.

“The prosecution also played jailhouse phone calls from Andrade to the ex-girlfriends in which Andrade often dehumanized his victim by calling her “it” and tried to justify his actions by blaming the victim.” – ( 04/20/09)

This “Reverend” without a flock is a fraud and not compassionate Christian but rather a man who is revealed by his own statements and lies. In another story about the discrimination and humiliation of a wheelchair bound transgender woman, Fischer says, “he is not and never will be a ‘normal woman.’ He was born a male and will die a male.” editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
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  1. Fischer should go sniff a scratch-n-sniff sticker at the bottom of a pool. What a piece of work.

  2. [...] Fischer dehumanizes trans murder victim Angie Zapata [...]

  3. [...] Fischer dehumanizes trans murder victim Angie Zapata [...]