Idaho Statesman recycles Fischer’s debunked lies

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Bryan Fischer, head of the Idaho Values Alliance, is modifying his snake oil salesman act since exposed his con game in Right-wingers, Lies & Videotape; Deconstructing Bryan Fischer published on March 10, 2009.

Bryan Fischer Idaho StatesmanFischer is using The Statesman’s pages as a platform to promote more half-truths and contemptuous anti-gay rhetoric. But this website will not let him go unchallenged. Fischer’s recent opinion in The Statesman was a modified version of some the same unsubstantiated lies, only with some minor adjustments to conceal his manipulation of facts.

The Idaho Statesman is Fischer’s tool to reach a broader audience that may not appreciate his more extremist views published on the far rightwing Renew America website, founded by wingnut Allen Keys who is presently obsessed over promoting lies about President Barrack Obama’s birth certificate. Keys also turned his back on his lesbian daughter a few years ago when she came out of the closet and denounced her father’s hate speech.

Yet this is the caliber of cronies that Fischer likes to be associated with and promote.

In his Statesmen opinion, Fischer cuts out several of the most obvious falsehoods that we busted him on weeks ago, particularly the one involving a case that was dropped. We can’t help but think that Fishcer must be reading because he is apparently correcting “selective facts.”

In one example, Fischer’s February 20, 2009 letter to the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee states, “Elaine Huegenin, a wedding photographer in New Mexico, was fined $6,700 for politely declining to photograph a lesbian commitment ceremony, even though lesbian unions have no legal status in the state.” Fact check: It was determined by the by New Mexico Human Rights Bureau that the photographer violated the state public accommodation law. A knowledgeable Idaho public policy expert indicated that this would likely be treated differently under Idaho’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Vanessa Willock did not ask for damages, she only sought for the state’s discrimination ruling to be upheld and that she be reimbursement for her attorney’s fees of $6,637.93. Ultimately the court remanded the case back to the State Human Rights Bureau. Fischer over inflated the issue and omitted facts in the case to suit his agenda, knowing full well he would not be challenged by the media or public officials.

Fischer corrected the inflated amount in his April 20, 2009 Renew America Column: “A Christian photographer was fined $6,637 by the New Mexico Civil Rights Commission for declining to photograph a lesbian commitment ceremony, even though same-sex unions have no legal status in the state.” fact checked the two new “examples” Fischer cites in The Statesman as representing a clear and present danger to religious liberty, freedom of conscience and freedom of association and his new claim that “Hate crimes laws are thought crimes” these new distortions are as follows:

1.) “Christian fertility doctors in private practice in California have been barred by the state Supreme Court from declining to artificially inseminate lesbian patients on conscience grounds.” Fact check: Reproductive Law attorney, Stephanie Caballerro, who practices law in San Diego County told that the California Supreme Court case of in North Coast Women’s Care Medical Group, Inc. vs. San Diego County Superior Court representing Guadalupe T. Benitez, “Was not based on religious freedom, but the California Supreme Court ruled that the physicians were discriminating based on the Unruh Civil Rights Act prohibition against sexual orientation discrimination. The medical group tried to argue that is was based on their religious beliefs because the woman was single, but the court rejected that argument. He [Bryan Fischer] is wrong.”

2.) “eHarmony, a match-making site for heterosexuals, was compelled to create a dating site for homosexuals, despite the fact that hundreds of such sites already exist.” Fact check: Hundreds of such sites DO NOT already exist, that is a boldfaced lie. On eHarmony’s very own website they say, “At eHarmony, our patented Compatibility Matching System® narrows the field from millions of candidates to a highly select group of singles that are compatible with you. Unlike other sites where you can post a picture and paragraph and then browse the profiles of other users, eHarmony does the matching for you based on 29 DimensionsTM of personality that are scientifically-based predictors of long-term relationship success.”

Fischer also conveniently left out that the New Jersey Attorney Generals office, in a statement released November 19, 2008, says that an investigation by the New Jersey Division of Civil Rights found “Probable Cause in 2007″ that eHarmony was discriminating. As part of the terms of the settlement agreement, eHarmony created a separate same-sex dating site called Compatible Partners which also reiterates the eHarmony statement as to why they are different from other dating services.

The point here is that Bryan Fischer is consistently given a free pass by the Idaho news media which rarely, IF EVER asks this man any difficult questions. If anything, local reporters run to this fraud as if he is a chosen representative of the entire Christian community in Idaho.

While the Idaho news media hands over the keys to their newsroom to this so-called “Values Alliance” leader, the policy at will be to examine this man’s actions and hold him accountable for the twisted rhetoric that he uses to promote his own extremist agenda. editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
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  1. How do we get the mainstream media to cover any of this though? It is so frustrating. That he just gets free-reign with no fact checking, no reasonable response from a reporter. That Fischer’s dinosaur point of view is still getting all that attention is infuriating. but – somehow his lies and misinformation are seen more news worthy than the truth behind his words. He’s been spewing hate in Idaho for a decade – unchecked with a media pass. It is so sad.