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Two demonstrations in Boise two weeks apart, two worlds apart, in April 2009.
revolution? from Craig Clark Studio on Vimeo.

This interesting and artful video contains a mosaic of images and sound bytes from two separate protest rallies that took place in Boise Idaho in April 2009. One of the events was protesting the failure of the Idaho Human Rights Amendment to get printed that proposed to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the existing state non-discrimination policy in employment, housing and public accommodation. The other protest was the local effort for the national Tea Bag protesters who’s message is less focused and seems to address a variety of issues.

Boise, video producer Craig Clark told, “When I shot the demonstration in support of a human rights amendment I was just planning to document the event, like several other events I have filmed. About halfway into shooting the tax protesters, I saw the two demonstrations as linked in many ways.”

Clark says even though the contrasts and similarities are striking he didn’t want to merely compare and contrast the two events. “I intended to show how one groups words and signs don’t make sense in terms of what they seem to be asking for according to what they claim to believe. The other group is much more calm and reasonable and consistent in their belief system.” Clark explains.

Clark impression of both events is that human rights group was “evolutionary” while he felt the tea bag groups was “devolutionary,” a term Clark borrowed from the band Devo.

Disclosure:’s editor, Jody May-Chang is one of the speakers in the video for the Idahoans For Fairness Human Rights Amendment rally. editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
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