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Bryan Fischer Moves to TupeloBryan Fischer would like his leaving Idaho to be perceived as a move up on the ladder of his hate mongering media career. However, on closer examination, it appears that Fischer is really moving down to a much smaller pond.

Tupelo, MS has a population of about 36,000 compared to that of Boise with over 200,000. Tupelo is also the headquarters of his new employer, the fringe American Family Association that believes they exist to, “motivate and equip citizens to change the culture to reflect Biblical truth.”

I suspect this reverend without a flock will most likely be preaching to the choir. God help everyone else.

Today emailed the following letter to as many Mississippi LGBT and Ally organizations and faith groups we could locate. We will be keeping an eye on how things go in Tupelo.

Subject: Idaho LGBT Hate Monger Moves to Mississippi

Dear Mississippi LGBT Community,

I am writing to inform you that Tupelo is about to acquire a new resident who is anything but LGBT friendly.

He is Bryan Fischer, who for five years has been running the non-profit ‘Idaho Values Alliance’ based here in Boise, Idaho. Although IVA is packaged as an “organization,” it really consists of only Bryan and his email list.

For three years now has been reporting on and exposing Bryan Fischer for what he is, a liar, bully and fraud hiding behind God and “family values” to spew hatred directed at our community. Until recently, Fischer used his platform to collect a $50,000 a year salary soliciting tax-deductible donations.

We believe that as the result of our ongoing in-depth reporting, has played an important role in Fischer’s recent fading media spotlight and dwindling donations, ultimately resulting in him closing up shop in Idaho.

We therefore feel it is our responsibility to inform our Mississippi LGBT brothers and sisters of his arrival so you may have a heads-up in preparing a strategy to deal with this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

By Fischer’s own description, he is a “right-wing extremist.” He has made a career out of regularly vilifying and dehumanizing Gay, Lesbian and Transgender people in Idaho. Jill Kuraitis, editor of, says Fischer is “horrified by yet strangely obsessed with homosexuality.”

Fischer regularly portrays homosexuality as having a direct link to Nazism and pedophilia, and routinely dehumanizes our relationships and families by referring to us as “perverted” by asserting we “choose” to engage in “non-normative” sexual behavior.

To further Fischer’s fear mongering hate agenda, he asserts with great frequency that by including ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ in hate crime and non-discrimination legislation, it would “[E]ndanger the civil liberties of its [Idaho's] businesses and faith‐based organizations by granting special workplace rights based on non‐normative sexual orientations.”

The LGBT community, Idaho progressives, and even some conservatives, couldn’t be happier to see Fischer go. Sadly our joy and relief is tempered by the shame and regret that Mississippi is getting him now.

Fischer will be moving to Tupelo by July 1, 2009 and beginning a two hour talk radio and TV show for the American Family Association on July 6th. It is clear to many Idahoans; Bryan Fischer is escaping the scrutiny which exposed him and is now attempting to re-invent himself and starting a new by polluting the airwaves of Mississippi.

BEWARE MISSISSIPPI – - Don’t be fooled by Fischer’s polite and very polished demeanor in person, on camera, or in his prolific press releases and media advisories. This smart, crafty and very media savvy snake oil salesman will stop at nothing to garner media attention and face time in front of a camera. He will artfully use local media as a platform to keep LGBT people from achieving equality or equal protection while saving his most extreme comments inciting fear and hatred, for his website and his regular column on, a far right website founded by wacko Allan Keys.

It is our hope that with this information, the Mississippi LGBT community will be better prepared to proactively hamper this charlatan’s ability to pull the wool over the eyes of the good people, and media, of Mississippi.

To better understand your new resident, we recommend and encourage reading these stories. editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
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