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LGBT Ally Mom Recycles Hate

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The following was submitted to PrideDEPOT.com’s Editor in response to the piece peice below, ‘Caldwell anti-gay activist will march in gay parade’, that appeared in Thursday’s Idaho Press-Tribune.

“I will not be quite as diplomatic as the beautiful Jody May-Chang when it comes to expressing my complete outrage that Mr. Munds will march or was even given the opportunity to possibly drive a car along side supporters in the PRIDE parade.

Why? Only because of his stance on homosexuality “I believe what they’re doing is hurtful to themselves….I have no choice but to make them see that.” This is the Allies of and the LGBTQA’s community members time to shine.

Mr. Munds can be heard in a different venue. If he would like to hold his own anti-gay festival more power to him. Brian Weatherhead, I am disappointed in you. Maybe you were misinformed of Mr. Mund’s beliefs and intentions.

I hope that was the case. Our PRIDE festival is a celebration of our dignity, self worth, importance, value, and merit by individuals who aren’t looking to become heterosexual or unhappy with their sexual orientation.

NO ONE there will need to be educated by Mr. Munds who has once again missed the mark and will not change his self proclaimed ‘hate monger’ title by passing out water bottles printed with a web site where one can read about “coming out” of homosexuality to lead healthy, fulfilling lives while at an out, loud and proud PRIDE festival.

I am a straight ALLY and ridiculously proud mother of a gay teen. To help the environment I will be providing a receptacle to collect all of Mr. Munds flyers and water bottles for recycling so feel free to dispose of the trash with me….look for me in the parade.”

Laura Cooper, Nampa, ID

Caldwell anti-gay activist will march in gay parade

Mike Butts
Thursday, June 18th, 2009

TREASURE VALLEY – Although he believes homosexuality is a sin, Caldwell conservative Tom Munds will march in Boise’s gay pride parade this weekend.

The 46-year-old activist said he aims to promote his views in a non-confrontational way through his participation in the parade.

“I’m not one of those people who want to be combative,” Munds said. “I just want to open up the lines of communication … I believe what they’re doing is hurtful to themselves and to other people that are in their lifestyle. I have no choice but to try to make them see that, but I have to be careful how I do that.”

Munds will walk in the parade and hand out water bottles and fliers advertising Canyon Springs Christian Church in Middleton.

Boise Pride Parade organizer Brian Weatherhead said Munds will be “more than welcome” at the parade and related functions.

Munds had wanted to drive a vehicle in the parade, but he did not pay the required fee on time to do so. He said Wednesday he’s not sure how he will pass out water bottles and fliers without a car.

One of the fliers Munds plans to pass out says “Do you know someone who is homosexual? Would you give your life for that person? Jesus did.”

The water bottles will have labels from a Web site that talks of “thousands of ex-gays who have now ‘come out’ of homosexuality to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.”

Some question Munds

Boise gay activist and PrideDEPOT.com editor Jody May-Chang expressed concern about Munds’ participation in the parade.

“(It) sends the message that you’re not OK who you are and you would be better if you were someone else,” May-Chang said. “It’s a form of abuse in that respect.”

PrideDEPOT.com describes itself as an “international LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) directory, news and information resource.”

Munds said some of his friends think he’s crazy for taking part in the parade, a Boise tradition for many years. He said he tried to persuade some of them to accompany him, but with little luck.

“I want people to understand we’re not about hating people … I feel as Christians we’ve missed the mark,” he said. “We’ve been called hate mongers and we need to change that.”

PrideDEPOT.com editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
Jody May-Chang now writes on "As I See It...Reporting from the front lines

As I See It Jody May-Chang.com Reporting from the front lines

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  1. In San Francisco, we would never allow this. Our parade and dyke march are respected by the entire community. Grandmas, Grandpas, etc. – everyone cheers for us and supports us. People who don’t – stand on the sidelines and we win them over with our love and compassion.

    It definitely sends the wrong message to have someone against equality marching in the actual parade. It takes real courage to be out and to have pride in who you are. I have met so many women and men in Idaho who are struggling to come out and this is definitely not helpful.

    This decision reeks of inner-homophobia and will be detrimental to our growing community. I am a real old school California lesbian and I dealt with my inner-homophobia more than a decade ago – I don’t want to deal with the consequences of someone elses unresolved self-hate. I will, however, put myself out there and support our community the best way I can – with my positivity, self-love, and compassion.

    I want to see everyone at that parade, at the balcony – and no matter what – we will have a fantastic time.

    cool beans,

  2. Though I don’t agree with Munds’ position I do have to say that he was very friendly and kind at the festival. I stopped and spoke with him for a few minutes (though at first I didn’t realize he was from ex-gay ministries). Of all the protestors I have seen at pride I have to say that he carried himself with the most dignity, grace and respect. Next year, though, I would encourage him not to attend. I say this because I think many people at the parade and festival thought he was from a friendly church – if they were to find out otherwise I am afraid that Munds’ would not be received so well.

    I doubt that Brian Weatherhead intentionally included ex-gay folks in the parade – Munds’ didn’t exactly present himself at first as someone who is opposed to LGBT people.