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Fischer’s tactics do not reflect man of good conscience

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The following was submitted to PrideDEPOT.com’s Editor in response to the Idaho Press-Tribune submission, Fischer stood for values without personal attacks by Debra Glasscock of Nampa, Idaho.

I disagree with Debra Glasscock’s assertion, published in the IPT on June 14, 2009, that Bryan Fischer stood for values without personal attacks. He may have not used names of individuals in his attacks on them, but he does equate abortion to murder and in doing so he labels all women and girls who have had an abortion or who are in need of one as a “murderer”, which is nothing less than a personal attack. His work to deny equal rights to homosexuals and their families is a very personal attack on them as individuals. The tactics employed by Fischer in these attacks are nothing less than deplorable.

Rather than having an honest dialogue about issues, he inflames emotions and inserts tangent concepts designed to deflect discussion of the real issue and win support for Fischer’s argument. The real issue can be “Should a 80 pound, 12 year old girl, raped by her father, be required to carry twin fetuses to full term against the advice of medical professionals?”

The real issue can be “Should a 23 year old wife, mother of 2, be required to carry to full term an unborn fetus who doctors say will not survive outside the womb and which pregnancy jeopardizes the very life of the mother?”. Labeling either one of these individuals as a “murderer”, should they together with their medical and spiritual advisers decide to proceed with an abortion, is a direct attack on them as individuals.

Rather than having an honest discussion about whether homosexuals, or those perceived to be homosexuals, should have the same rights in employment and housing as do heterosexuals, Fischer falsely claims that the proposed amendment to the Idaho Human Rights Act would give “special rights” or “privileges” to homosexuals. If he had read the proposed legislation, he would know that the Amendment would give equal protections under the law to heterosexuals, bi-sexuals, and homosexuals.

Rather than engaging in an honest discussion about the issue, Fischer inflames emotions by claiming that his constitutional rights and religious liberty is at stake. Allowing others to have the same rights that we enjoy under the Constitution does not take away our rights. Allowing others their religious liberty does not diminish our religious liberty.

Like Ms. Glasscock, I am concerned that those in power or positions of influence are attempting to use their power to require each of us to submit to their personal religious views. What are labeled as Bryan Fischer’s religious views are shared by many and are disputed by many. Thankfully, our Constitution guarantees a separation of church and state so that one religious view is not to be imposed by law over another.

I really don’t know if the views as expressed by Mr. Fischer are truly his views, or simply the snake oil he makes his living from selling. I do know that not all abortion is murder, and that equal rights are not special rights. I can’t characterize a man who would use tactics employed by Fischer to win an argument as having good conscience.

Tom Newton, Nampa, ID

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