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Jody May-ChangAs many of you have already noticed has gone dormant for the past several months and I would like to tell you why and what will be coming next.

This year my family has gone through some great challenges that have resulted in a fundamental change in focus. In mid April while at a Transgender conference I got the call that my mother-in-law was just diagnosed with multiple forms of terminal cancer and would not be with us much longer.

This required two trips to Miami’ Florida and shortly thereafter a trip to California where my own mother was facing risky major surgery and a long complicated recovery. This resulted in placing an enormous stress on us all, that included extreme sleep deprivation, grief and loss.

We were glad to be finally home with some semblance of normalcy while attempting to get back into the rhythm and flow of life. But wouldn’t you know it, life decides to throw out a few more curve balls.

We learned that my wife’s elderly disabled father and new widower, was now going to need more care than previously anticipated. Once again we kicked into high gear and went to work remodeling portions of our home to make a safe’ accessible and comfortable space. Then in September we permanently moved Papi from Miami to our home in Boise.

Our lives have changed dramatically and a number of things have come in to greater focus as a result. Mostly that it is a privilege and joy to care for Papi. He is a wonderful sweet man who makes me laugh every day. He helps keep our prospective to seize the day and be grateful for the people and love in our lives. It is a precious time.

Maintaining technically and keeping it frequently updated has been a very time consuming endeavor. With the new demands of our life now, it was clear I needed to reevaluate and restructure things so there would be time to provide a nurturing family environment for Papi and still find a way to carve out space to continue the work I believe I was born to do, actively fighting for LGBT social justice and civil rights.

So therefore, after considerable reflection, will be placed in state of permanent hibernation. Although the site will no longer be updated beyond this statement,’s broad and comprehensive content will remain online for others to explore and serve as a historical record for future reference.

Although there is some sadness and disappointment that comes with this decision, it is overshadowed with the excitement of what the next chapter of my personal and professional life will bring. By no means does this mean I will be stepping back from being a voice for change, quite the contrary.

This is not so much an ending as it is a new and fresh approach in continuing my part in the greater ongoing battle of achieving full civil rights for LGBT people everywhere. From this point forward I will be shifting energies over to my new blog As I See It…” on where I will continue advocacy journalism and commentary for social justice.

I will be blogging and doing news stories as life and time allows while continuing my dedication to the work of Idahoans For Fairness and the ACLU of Idaho.

I would like to take this opportunity to graciously thank all our loyal readers, community supporters and the media that covered our stories and issues. I am grateful and humbled by all the support, contributions and participation, of all viewpoints, in the engaging public discourse that has taken place on over the last 10 years.

I hope you will now follow me over to, and actively participate in continuing the discussion on “As I See It…”

In Pride & Solidarity,
Jody May-Chang
As I See It…” editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
Jody May-Chang now writes on "As I See It...Reporting from the front lines

As I See It Jody Reporting from the front lines

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  1. [...] ten years as Editor of PrideDEPOT it was time to change things up a bit so I placed in hibernation mode and will no longer update that site. However, all content will remain online there for others to [...]

  2. To the whole May-Chang Family:

    Thank you for your continuing dedication to the cause of social justice for LGBT Americans. You have had a profound impact on my life over the years and while I am sad that so many challenges have been thrown your way you are definitely a family that can handle it. I will continue to follow you on the new blog and wish you all the best in whatever future life has in store for you. And Maria – I think it is high time I invade your kitchen again and try to eat everything you are cooking!

    All my love,
    JD (aka Travis)

  3. Jody and Maria (Cody too!)

    I hope things are beginning to prove somewhat “normal” for you now. I too am saddened that will be on the back-burner, but I also know what life is like when so much is thrown at you all at once.

    Take care, hope to see you soon!


  4. Dear Jody:

    While I am saddened by the tremendous personal changes that you have experienced, my heart is filled with hope because of your inspirational message of transformation in the midst of great challenges. You are the embodiment of all that is wonderful and special in the GLBT community – a community that, like yourself, faces seemingly monumental challenges daily, yet continues to perservere and evolve in truly magnificent ways.

    I, too, have experienced “seemingly monumental challenges” recently, primarily the loss of my partner of sixteen years to cancer. I am now living with his family in Missouri – having been pretty much disowned by my own – and trying to rebuild my life. Which is actually why I’m writing.

    What if PrideDEPOT were to continue? I just so happen to be the former Editor-in-Chief of both This Week in Texas magazine and Gab Weekly, and would love to begin anew with PD in Boise.

    What do you think?

    Hope this message finds you well and happy…

    Best regards!