Two views: LGBT Western Days parade float issue

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Letters to the editor of The Times-News in Twin Falls, Idaho, express two different viewpoints on the exclusion of a LGBT float in the Western Days Parade a week ago.

View against gay-friendly entry into the event:

Committee right to deny float in parade

I support the recent decision by the Western Days Float Committee not allowing the gay, lesbian and bisexual float in the parade.

I do not believe that this is not a tolerance issue. I have no bias against any group, race of people or sexual orientation. However, I am opposed to special interest groups (like homosexuals) forcing me to view their lifestyle choice as one I should embrace with open arms.

It becomes a sad day in America when a relatively small group of people can gain the attention of the community at large and seemingly demand that we the people provide a platform for them to put their lifestyle on public display during a highly public parade (Western Days). I do not want my children exposed to certain situations, information or media. This is my right. It is also my right not to have a lifestyle choice, religious belief or political option thrust upon me or my family.

Intolerance? No. Choice not to expose our community to this lifestyle. Definitely. So in closing, let me say I am not anti-anything, particularly homosexual. Only pro-choice. And I choose not to support a gay, lesbian and bisexual float in a parade in my community where our friends and family are forced to view them.

If a person who is homosexual or bisexual is seeking more tolerance, they are welcome to move to a more liberal community. I hear San Francisco and Portland are very nice cities to live in.


View in favor of having the gay-friendly entry into the event:

Sexually different people want to be loved, accepted

It is great that you asked for people’s opinions on the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender float being barred from the parade. I have been trying to discover how to contact any of the folks directly involved, but none of them are in the telephone book.

For a lot of years, I belonged to Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays in Twin Falls. I am not gay, but my daughter is. The members of PFLAG decorated trees for the Magic Valley Regional Medical Center tree festival and did a lot of beneficial civic activities.

We didn’t discriminate. When a minister came to meetings with his wife and young lover, that was fine. When teens came who had been evicted from their families, we helped them and encouraged them to look up at the world instead of talking to the floor. One of our members is a well-respected member of the Idaho House of Representatives. Sexually different people are good people. It seems to me after all my years in PFLAG that they are more sensitive to others than people who are not sexually off the accepted chart.

The girl who decided not to let the float into the parade did not give it enough thought or ask enough others for advice. We don’t claim to be San Francisco – that is a ridiculous remark. Sexually different people want to be loved and accepted – that is all.

Twin Falls

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