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Letter to the Editor:
Fischer’s tactics do not reflect man of good conscience

June 19th, 2009

The following was submitted to’s Editor in response to the Idaho Press-Tribune submission, Fischer stood for values without personal attacks by Debra Glasscock of Nampa, Idaho. I disagree with Debra Glasscock’s assertion, published in the IPT on June 14, 2009, that Bryan Fischer stood for values without personal attacks. He may have not used [...]

Open Letter to Mississippi LGBT Community

June 15th, 2009

Bryan Fischer would like his leaving Idaho to be perceived as a move up on the ladder of his hate mongering media career. However, on closer examination, it appears that Fischer is really moving down to a much smaller pond. Tupelo, MS has a population of about 36,000 compared to that of Boise with over [...]

Bryan Fischer; don’t let the door hit you

June 13th, 2009

I answered my cell and on the other end was Mike Butts from the Idaho Press Tribune wanting a comment. Having been out of the Idaho loop for a week I was unaware of the news. Butts informed me that Bryan Fischer was closing up shop and moving to Mississippi to do a radio show. Apparently funds had dried up and Fischer was moving on.

Hate is a Lifestyle Choice for Bryan Fischer

May 18th, 2009

It should come as no surprise that Bryan Fischer, executive director of the non-profit “organization,” Idaho Values Alliance, which consists only of himself, is once again being reckless with the facts.

Fischer’s desperate attacks against LGBT people are practically a daily obsession that could easily be dismissed as ridiculous were it not for his malicious tone.

Twisted Logic:

May 12th, 2009

Idaho’s chief CEO of lies and misinformation about LGBT citizens is none other than Bryan Fischer, the pitchman for the so-called Idaho Values Alliance. Fischer’s talent for garnering easy access to the Idaho news media to sell his poisonous product rivals any Wall Street crook with a Ponzi scheme designed to separate grand mom from her life savings.

Idaho Statesman recycles Fischer’s debunked lies

May 10th, 2009

Bryan Fischer, head of the Idaho Values Alliance, is modifying his snake oil salesman act since exposed his con game. Now Fischer is using The Statesman’s pages as a platform to promote more half-truths and contemptuous anti-gay rhetoric. But this website will not let him go unchallenged.

Fischer dehumanizes trans murder victim Angie Zapata

April 21st, 2009

Bryan Fischer’s contempt for Zapata is clear in his absolute defiance and refusal to acknowledge, or refer to, her as woman. Fisher goes on to misrepresent Colorado law in order to justify blaming the victim for her own murder.

Right-wingers, Lies & Videotape; Deconstructing Bryan Fischer

March 10th, 2009

On February 20, the Idaho Affairs Committee turned its back on equality saying no to printing the Idaho Human Rights Act Amendment the Committee listened trained propagandist, Bryan Fischer, of the Idaho Values Alliance.

KBCI cheapens stem cell story with Fischer

March 9th, 2009

President Obama put the breaks on the far right extremists who stopped stem cell research because it is at odds with their ideological agenda. Tonight, KBCI wanted to get “a local” angle on the issue so of course, they run to none other than the self-proclaimed leader of the Christian community, Bryan Fischer.

Idaho AG’s Office, says “Family” not specifically defined by law – Marriage law is not a “Family” law

February 22nd, 2009

When the Nampa Recreation Center (NRC) used Idaho’s marriage law for the basis of denying a same-sex couple and their 4-year-old son a “family” membership, they may find themselves at legal odds with the State Attorney General’s Office.