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As many of you have already noticed has gone dormant for the past several months and I would like to tell you why and what will be coming next. This year my family has gone through some great challenges that have resulted in a fundamental change in focus. In mid April while at a [...]

End LGBT Discrimination in Idaho!

Jul 26th, 2009 | By | Category: Special Events

The Idaho Women’s Network will be holding a training for people interested in volunteering for the small business outreach project for Idahoans for Fairness. What is Idahoans for Fairness (IFF)? IFF was a group that emerged after the 2009 legislative session, when the Senate State Affairs Committee voted 5-2 against voting to print an amendment [...]

Win $ For Your Favorite Nonprofit

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Pride Foundation’s Raffle With A Twist is back! What’s the twist? If you win we’ll make a donation to your favorite nonprofit organization. Why? Because it’s our mission. If your name is drawn on September 15, 2009, we will make a $2,500 donation in your name to your favorite nonprofit. We will also give $1,000 [...]

What about this does America not understand?

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Equal = The same or as great as. Inalienable Rights = Not contingent upon the laws, customs, beliefs, or a particular society. Life = The right to exist free from being beaten or killed for being who we are.

Inside Iran: Queer Iranians Make Plea To International Community

Jun 24th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, News, World

The following letter comes from inside Iran and articulates the utter despair and fear of the Iranian people surrounding current events in their country over this past week. The massive widespread peaceful protests, now turned to violent bloody crackdowns, is further illuminated by Iranian Queers in a desperate plea for freedom and social justice to [...]

Hate Crime

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Source: JMSF415

F You Very Much

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Following music video is a HILARIOUS way for LGBT people and allies worldwide to blow off some anti-gay industry homophobic and transphobic steam! Enjoy!

IDAHO 2009: One Voice, One Message, Heard Around the World

May 17th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, News, World

This is a truly inspiring and uplifting video (below) in honor of IDAHO 2009 – International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia. (IDAHO : is a global movement against all discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.) Why an International Day against homophobia and transphobia?In 2008, sexual relations between persons of the same [...]

Twisted Logic:

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Idaho’s chief CEO of lies and misinformation about LGBT citizens is none other than Bryan Fischer, the pitchman for the so-called Idaho Values Alliance. Fischer’s talent for garnering easy access to the Idaho news media to sell his poisonous product rivals any Wall Street crook with a Ponzi scheme designed to separate grand mom from her life savings.

Homo’s Best Friend

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