Posts Tagged ‘ News ’ goes into hibernation and editor moves on

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As many of you have already noticed has gone dormant for the past several months and I would like to tell you why and what will be coming next. This year my family has gone through some great challenges that have resulted in a fundamental change in focus. In mid April while at a [...]

KBCI TV-2 gets call from GLAAD and responds to PrideDEPOT report

Jun 30th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Idaho, Intermountain Northwest, News

TEST Yesterday received an email letter from Yvonne Simons, News Director of the local CBS affiliate KBCI Channel 2, shortly after she was contacted by the regional GLAAD office. GLAAD received a complaint on KBCI’s coverage of a “gay sex sting” story in addition to reading our story, “KBCI TV-2 manufactures ‘gay news’ for [...]

KBCI TV-2 manufactures “gay news” for ratings

Jun 25th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Idaho, News

By H. Lukas Green and Jody May-Chang The recent arrest of two elderly men for allegedly attempting to engage in sex with an undercover Garden City police officer became the top story at KBCI TV-2 in Boise as the station launched into a sensationalized version of the facts surrounding the incidents. The arrests of Wayne [...]

Bill Maher is full of shit!

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Only a few nights ago, Bill Maher told Larry King on CNN that he will out gay Republicans working within the government. One of them he did mention when pressed by King was Ken Mehlman. He told King that he would mention other gays on his Friday night show. Well, his show came and went [...]

Gay Veterans rarely honored, military witch hunt continues

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This is Veterans Day. It is a day full of ceremony to honor those who wore the uniform and served this nation.  Among the ranks of those who died and those who survived, are gays and lesbians who love their country and value the meaning of democracy. While photo-ops of the President laying a wreath [...]

South Africa to recognize same-sex marriage

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South Africa’s Parliment is clearing the way to legally recognize same-sex marriage. This follows a ruling last year from the South African Constitutional Court that gave the government one year to incorporate new legislation in South Africa’s Constitution that would include the legal right to marry for homosexuals. The nation officially recognized gay legal rights [...]

Profits increase for anti-gay landscaper

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The Huston landscaping company that informed a gay couple that their money was no good because they to do not do business with homosexuals, is reporting an increase in profits since the incident. Sabrina and Todd Farber, owners of Garden Guy Inc said in an interview yesterday that their company has picked up $40,000 in [...]

Gays can be Straight at Woodstock

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About 1,000 delusional people from the Planet Weird got together in Woodstock, Georgia, recently to promote ways to make me less of a faggot. The crackpots from Focus on the Family went to Woodstock not to listen to rock music, burn weed, and roll around in the mud – oh, no! These schmucks went hand [...]

A Harvest of Bigotry

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A Houston-based landscaping firm known as Garden Guy refused to offer its services to a potential client because the customer is gay. The company resonded to Michael Lord in an e-mail by telling him, “I need to tell you that we cannot meet with you because we choose not to work for homosexuals.” Mr. Lord [...]

Mexico City moves to recognize gay civil unions

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Now that Mexico City has voted to legally recognize gay civil unions, I’m sure Bush will be pushing even harder to build that wall along the U.S.-Mexican border! The Mexico City Assembly supports a measure that will provide gay couples with social and legal benefits that are similar to married hetrosexual couples. The brave and [...]