Global war on Irony hits Okla license plate

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Oklahoma drivers will have a chance to show they oppose terrorism by sporting the state’s new “Global War on Terrorism” license plate on their vehicles.

The plate features a military-style camouflage background, with an American Bald Eagle looking dead-center between the Twin Towers with the date “9-11″ across the bird’s breast.

Oaklahoma Global War on Terrism License Plate
Oaklahoma’s new global war on terrorism license plate

The irony here is that they chose the image of the Twin Towers and 9-11 rather than Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building that was bombed on April 19, 1995, in Oklahoma City.

Both were acts of malicious terrorism that resulted in the deaths of innocent American citizens, it is just that one was from a foreign attack and the other was from some white folks who also hated the US Government.

Part of the money that Oklahomans pay for the new GWT plates will go toward the 45th Infantry Division Museum Fund.

The mission statement for the museum states that it exists in part, “to exhibit the icons of our State’s military past in such a manner that the visitor is left with a visual impact commensurate to the scope of Oklahoma’s contribution to America’s history, and our National Defense.”

The latest numbers show 58 U.S. troops from Oklahoma were killed in Iraq and 439 were wounded. A total of 3,660 American troops were killed and 26,528 were wounded. All of them were killed or wounded in a war based on the lies coming from the White House.

The numbers of dead and injured keep changing in the Iraq war that President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney lied to our nation when they insisted that Iraq was linked to 9-11.

Those in Oklahoma and elsewhere who voted for Bush and Cheney need to know that placing a such license plates and yellow magnet stickers on your Hummer just does not cut it anymore!

Rather than spend the money on an Oklahoma war museum, why not spend it on the health care and support of families left behind by those killed in Bush’s war?

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