Church service disrupted by anti-gay extremists

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Gays and lesbians had their peaceful church service disrupted by anti-gay religious fanatics who are on a crusade to insult worshipers who show support and acceptance of LGBT people.

Two central Ohio churches that support LGBT people had their services interrupted by a group calling themselves Minutemen United. The anti-gay group apparently vowed to attend services every Sunday.

The hate group started its crusade when First Baptist Church in Granville hosted “Love Makes a Family,” a traveling exhibit by the Family Diversity Project showing photos of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families.

Six people came to the church’s 11 a.m. service and addressed the congregation during a time designated for prayer requests and comments. The anti-gay fanatics were following the minister of the New Beginnings Church in Warsaw, Ohio.

Minutemen United also invaded the King Avenue United Methodist Church in Columbus that same morning, said the Rev. John Keeny. editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
Jody May-Chang now writes on "As I See It...Reporting from the front lines

As I See It Jody Reporting from the front lines

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  1. If gay people were to do this at anti-gay churches they would have been physically thrown out by the congregation. It’s at least nice to see that these heretics spent at least some time with people who truly follow the teachings of Christ.