Anti-gay murders seen coast-to-coast

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While the murder of 15-year-old Lawrence King at the hands of a classmate makes national headlines and gains the attention of celebrities speaking out against hate crimes, there are others grieving in Florida over the murder of Simmie Williams Jr.

Williams, 17, was a transgender teen who was found shot to death in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Feb. 22.

Police to not have a suspect in the murder, but witness reports indicate that two men were noticed at the scene.

Mourners gathered at the site of the murder on Feb. 28, where they held a vigil in his memory and spoke out against hate crimes in a city traditionally known as being gay-friendly.

Those at the vigil also spoke of the beating of a gay man who was attacked outside The Floridian restaurant.

This is the same city where Mayor Jim Naugle made several homophobic remarks while in office. Mayor Naugle also insulted gay citizens when he pushed for city leaders to use tax dollars to purchase single-stall “robo toilets” to deter the “homosexual activity.”

It is under the leadership of politicians like Mayor Naugle and others who use anti-gay hate speech that encourages anti-gay violence.

Remember Simmie William Jr.

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