Okla. Republican caught on tape delivering hate speech

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Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern Hate Speech
Wingnut Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern caught delivering hate speech.

State Rep. Sally Kern thought she was only speaking to a small group of like-minded GOP supporters when she drifted into a poisonous anti-gay rant.

But Kern is now finding out that her very words are being heard all across this nation and around the world, and it is time to let her know that you heard her!

Kern is repeating what many right-wingnuts actually think in this country; that being gay is a bigger threat to our nation than terrorism.

“Studies show that no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than, you know, a few decades. So it’s the death knell of this country. I honestly think it’s the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam, which I think is a big threat.” – State Rep. Sally Kern

Republican Hate Speech

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  1. Here is this sicko’s email address: sallykern@okhouse.gov

    Email her about those who cast the first stone, judge not and lest not be judged and the love of Jesus and VOTE THE BITCH OUT.

  2. she probably offended some people in the room who had to listen to her because they might have gay kids, friends or family members. what an idiot!

  3. It sounds like Sally should move to Casar, NC. You know Golden Valley Campground. From what I’m hearing she would fit right into the bigotry, fear, and hatred that we have experienced in the last two weeks.

    This is why we stand…this is why we fight…this is why we keep our name. If you take the time to read about us, you find that we stand for, lickalotta prejudice, lickalotta, pollutants, and lickalotta pessimism.

    If we ever needed a Camp Lickalotta, we need a Camp Lickalotta now! This woman is trying to destroy numerous lives by her anti-gay statements. She is a disgrace to her state and allowing someone that bigoted to remain in office is an outrage. It’s funny because I made a comment in the local newspaper that the way we were treated was nothing less then TERRORISM in our own country. I am a citizen of the United States of America, who is not afraid to stand up and say who I am and what I beleive in.

  4. Sally, you are a disgrace to the United States of America! I am ashamed to know that someone like you holds the position you hold! I listened to some of your comments and they are ignorant. You talk about homosexuality like it is a contagious disease or a cancer in your toe. How sad it must be to know those ignorant comments came out of your mouth. This is why we stand, this is why we fight, this is why we represent who we really are. People like you are the reason there is so much bigotry, hate & fear in the U.S. You made the comment that the Gay-Straight alliance is in the high schools now and the parents don’t know….the thing is most require the parents sign permission slips for any group or club now….and some of the kids that are part of those clubs have already told their parents…you should do some research and get your facts before you go opening your mouth like that….The truth of the matter is we are not afraid to stand up and say who we are or what we believe in….We are compassionate human beings, we have children…yes we have children….we go to church, we are productive citizens, we are your cablegirls, electricians, plumbers, truck drivers, business owners, etc…..I could keep going…I have gay friends that are police officers and paramedics….that’s something for you to think about the next you NEED their help…

  5. shes makes us out to seem like were a coalition or some kind of disease…were just any other people in this world who care, love this country of ours, until someone like HER comes in the picture and tries to DENY what we believe in. And people like her who does not agree pushes the issue of suicide, and thats why it happens. Everybody bleeds the same, why should we be different.

  6. I emailed her today…wanted to share with you all..

    Mrs. Kern,

    I am a mother of 2 children, a daughter 17 years old and a son that is almost 14 years old, both are mine naturally. I have been married over 17 years and I have lived the “straight” life you so proudly say is “correct way of living”. However, I have to ask you… what makes you say what is correct or incorrect in the way people live. What works for you may not work for others.

    You as a wife of a baptist minister use your religion as part of your backbone in your argument. However in my studies I have found that many good people build their case against homosexuality almost entirely on the Bible. These folks value Scripture, and are serious about seeking its guidance in their lives. Unfortunately, many of them have never really studied what the Bible does and doesn’t say about homosexuality.

    I’m convinced the Bible has a powerful message for gay and lesbian Christians — as well as straight Christians. But it’s not the message of condemnation we so often hear. I am not expecting you to take my word for it. Please, check out a book called “What The Bible Says – And Doesn’t Say – About Homosexuality” or read the PDF file here: http://www.soulforce.org/pdf/whatthebiblesays.pdf it’s very good reading if you are willing to actually read it with an open mind and not be judgmental.

    Now the reason I say this to you, and told you I am a mother of 2 children, wife for 17 years and have to write you about your “lecture” is because, for those 17 years, I did what society told me to do. I married a man, had 2 wonderful children and I even supported him as he decided to join the armed forces to serve our country. For 17 years I did what everyone said was the “Right thing to do”. However, was that right for me? I was very unhappy, I was not in love or even sexually interested in the man I had married, much less any other man. I simply married a man that in all honesty should had just been a good friend and nothing more. I am currently going threw a divorce, it was mutually agreed between him and I, and it was simply because I do not love him as a wife should nor do I have any physical attraction towards him. I am a lesbian, and for years I never allowed myself to act on my TRUE feelings and emotions because of people like you. You say we live the way we do cause we want to, its a choice, excuse me? I know many people even from my past when I was living the “straight” life that are gay and I know that for one second if they could do what society told them they should, they would in a heartbeat cause they don’t want to lose the respect and love of their friends & family members, they don’t want to risk their own lives walking down a sidewalk cause some blockhead feels threatened and wants to beat the crap out of them. I have found that the gay & lesbian community (that have came out) is more honest with themselves, friends and family members then any straight person is and they do this at the risk of having people like you bash them for only one reason.. their sexuality. How many suicides have we had SIMPLY cause they didn’t want to come out as a gay or lesbian person, or they did get found out and couldn’t take it, for example here one of MANY I have found on the net: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article1873278.ece Hell, we just had a middle school child MURDERED in his OWN junior high school cause his classmates found out he was gay just this past Feb: http://www.glsen.org/cgi-bin/iowa/all/news/record/2261.html. Are you saying this is right? This is what god wanted for the human race? Looking at the suicide site here: http://www.suicide.org/gay-and-lesbian-suicide.html Please, read the bolded area that reads:

    “And please remember that the people who are ignorant and insensitive are the ones with the problems – not you! Stay away from them, and surround yourself with caring and supportive people. But take steps to protect yourself, your rights, your feelings, and your physical and mental health.” DO YOU REALIZE THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT STAYING AWAY FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOU MRS. KERN ?!?!?

    Mrs. Kern, you honestly need to wake up, if you really believe the words you spoke in your recorded speech, then you really need to sit back and honestly research your facts, not just assume. NO CHILD of any race, religion, creed, gender OR sexual orientation deserves to think they be better off dead cause of the way they are. NO PERSON deserves that, not even you.

    I can go to bed tonight, pray to god, thank him for everything he has given me and know that if I die tonight, and I stand in front of him I can say I accepted people for who and what they are… I think that will hold higher ground then a person that told him they judged his other children for their sexual orientation, especially when “Thy’ll shall not judge”, and that is EXACTLY what you are doing. Step back, think, and really, start educating yourself about the gay & lesbian community… I am SURE there are MANY MANY around you and you aren’t even aware of it!

    I would really like for you to listen to these retired soldiers… they may share some light on your thoughts as well. Listen to the experiences they had… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZqs-5z_y9Q

    If I haven’t done anything here but perhaps made you think, or even if you read all of what I said… then my rant was worth something, but remember, we’re not going to change cause you think we’re choosing to be who we are… it’s not a choice, it’s who we are… I am more happy now being out sharing my life with a young lady that I have fallen completely in love with. I have more feelings for her then I have had for any one person (man or woman). She is not sick, she is not weird, and as a matter of fact, she is one of the most honest sweet sensitive person I have ever had the honor of knowing and I am so lucky to have finally found the person I believe is my soulmate. I will risk your judgment, and others like you cause like you, I deserve to be happy too!


    Laura Darner
    Fayetteville, NC

  7. Sally Kern is a disgrace and needs to resign immediately, interesting to find her Husband is a ” Man of God ” a Baptist minister, so if his views are the same they perpetuate Spiritual Shame, which I think is the most harmful. Her husband Dr. Steve Kern @ Olivet Baptist Church’s email is janela1019@sbcglobal.net
    I am interested in his opinion. Sally’s contact info below
    Capitol Address:
    2300 N. Lincoln Blvd.
    Room 332
    Oklahoma City, OK 73105
    (405) 557-7348
    District Address:
    2713 Sterling Ave.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73127

  8. Dear Sally. I have recently seen the short video of your hatespeech. I am sorry to say I was not surprised by the contents of it. I am sorry to hear that you hate so much. That you fear that which you do not understand. I hope that one day you will open you eyes to the world and see that difference is the catalyst of all progress, that it is the lifeblood of all societies.

    Today after almost 8 years of Mr Bush (because nobody in the western world really believes he won that election) the international relations with your would be allies and friends is ruined. This latest comment, in this context, is a further cause for concern in the western world.

    Unfortunatly I see this as symptomatic of the USA today. Fear and hate is slowly eating away at your society. The brain drain effects, you will not notice for quite some time, but in a decade or two you will realize that you have lost the best of a generation due to hate, violence and bigotry. Do you really expect that your fellow americans will want to live in a country that does not appreciate them, support them in their time of need or cherish with them in their moments of success? A growing portion of your population are being systematically excluded from public life and deprived of the most basic of human rights. the freedom of expression and thought.
    You persecute the LGBT community, make no mistake. And when you marginalize one group all other non majorities start to look over their shoulders as well. By targetting a group of people in this manner you will cause collateral damage to your society, and before I start to collect my pension (unless global warming has killed us all allready (something which seems increasingly likely)) made in china will probably have been replaced by made in the US.

    I would prefer to have your country sane and stable ally in the years to come so we can struggle together to try and undo the damage caused by humanity in the latter part of the 20:ieth centurey to today. Economical, social and enviromental. I’m looking forward to the elections in your country as there is hope for a sorely needed fresh start.

    Kind regards
    /Nova Stockholm, Sweden