Idaho’s Sally Kern, Rep. John A. “Bert” Stevenson
Spews Incendiary Hate Speech

Mar 5th, 2009 | By | Category: Uncategorized calls for the IMMEDIATE RESIGNATION of Idaho State Rep. John A. “Bert” Stevenson (R-Rupert), for his hateful and incendiary comments about Idaho’s gay and lesbian people Wednesday, February 25th on Zeb Bell’s radio show.

John  A. Radio Host Zeb Bell: “Why do we have to accept the vile filthy lifestyle of homosexuality and have it treated as normal?”

Idaho Rep. Stevenson: “Well, Zeb because that’s the thing that’s happening all over this nation is were trying to redefine the purpose of man being here on the earth…If those people want that kind of lifestyle we will do away with the human race. That’s what it was intended to do. Zeb I appreciate your position on this.”

Hear these vile hateful words from our Idaho State Rep. John A. “Bert” Stevenson (R-Rupert), for yourself below.

Thank you Mountain Goat Report for your reporting on this and being such a great watchdog!


Mike Moyle, (R) , Majority Leader – (208) 332-1120
Email Moyle:

John A. Stevenson (R), (208) 532-4524
Email Stevenson:

John Rusche, (D), Minority Leader – (208) 332-1130
Email Rusche:

Who is Sally Kern? SEE: Okla. Republican caught on tape delivering hate speech editor, independent journalist & LGBT media spokesperson,
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  1. While I’m not proud of this fact, Sally Kern is from Oklahoma.

  2. Actually Burnice, Sally Kern is an immigrant to Oklahoma after living in Idaho.

  3. Stevenson is a classic example why it is so hard to be queer in Idaho. If they were talking about people of color the he would already be out. This is a law maker? Bert sunds more like he belongs in the KKK instead of the Idaho State Legislature.

  4. Ignorant bigots. The end.

  5. This really makes me angry. They hoist themselves up as if they are examples of what is good with the world, while demonizing an entire group of Idaho citizens. I am totally fed up with the conservative rightwing who thinks of gay people ONLY in terms of bedroom sexual activities. As long as people like Zeb Bell and John Stevenson can promote LGBT people as being LESS than human, then they feel they are justified in promoting their vile and offensive actions. I have had ENOUGH!

  6. Here’s what I sent in to Moyle and Rusche (I didn’t bother sending to Stevenson because I think intelligent discourse is probably wasted on him, he’s just another bigot holding a sign that says “the only good queer is a dead queer”)

    I am more than outraged at Bert Stevenson’s remarks on air Feb. 25th. As a NATIVE gay Idahoan I cannot begin to describe the type of violence and suffering that I have faced over the past 15 years. I have had guns pointed at my face, I have been run off the road, my car was vandalized to the point it couldn’t be driven, my family has been harassed and I have been attacked on more than one occasion. I don’t file police reports because this is just the way gay people in Idaho expect to be treated by the few ignorant people we share our state with who just don’t have anything better to do. The line that I brought it on myself because I am gay is getting a little old as well – it happens because I choose to speak out against injustice. In the last 2 years a gay man was murdered and stuffed in a barrel in Twin Falls and 4 of my gay friends have chosen to end their lives rather than face the daily struggle of being gay.

    Then I hear Stevenson’s remarks: “[gay] people…will do away with the human race.” Let me tell you what that does when another ignorant, violent person hears it. It gives him permission to go out and ATTACK gay people – maybe even kill them. We aren’t a bunch of perverts trying to get into little boys locker rooms – we are productive, tax-paying citizens of Idaho. We deserve better and our representatives in the statehouse should KNOW better. This hateful diatribe is DANGEROUS because it leads to VIOLENCE. You know what I worry about when I hold hands with someone? I don’t worry about being called a faggot, because that happens all the time anyway, I worry about having the crap kicked out of me again – or worse. A friend of mine spent 3 weeks in a coma because of gay-bashing…and woke up with two years of his life wiped from his memory. Stevenson is inciting violence against Idahoans – I am not asking for censure or reprimand: I want his immediate resignation. Gay people are no longer a simple annoyance in the political process: our voices are rising in a chorus and we’re mad as hell. I am directly related to other voters throughout the state who all support me despite the fact that I am gay, they are beginning to understand what my life is like and when they start seeing the Idaho Legislature turn a deaf ear to this kind of tripe they are going to start asking why.

  7. Dear Majority Leader Moyle & Minority Leader Rusche

    RE: Rep. John A “Bert” Stevenson Hate Speech on the radio late February 2009

    I am a lesbian who has been in a very long term committed relationship with my partner Maria. Together we have raised our son here in Idaho.

    Our son who is now a well adjusted young heterosexual man of voting age, must endure a member of his legislator hatefully disparage his family, parents and others he loves and calls friends.

    It is precisely because uneducated and bigoted attitudes like those of Rep. Stevenson that law makers and police do not hear of the countless horrible stories of hatred and abuse that goes on against LGBT people in this state. I can not help but wonder if that is not, in part, by design.

    These words lead to violence, perpetuate hatred and do damage not just to us but to our children, many of whom have to deal with harassment and hate speech in Idaho public schools.

    For a law maker to have so egregiously disparaged people he is duty bound to represent breaks the hearts of many Idaho citizens who know and love us.

    Rep. Stevenson’s disgraceful diatribe on the public airwaves goes well beyond an apology or censure. Had Rep. Stevenson been talking about any other group of Idaho citizens such as women, the disabled or people of color, this would not even be an issue and Stevenson would already been gone!

    Therefore, we call for the IMMEDIATE RESIGNATION of Rep. John A. “Bert” Stevenson (R-Rupert).

    Jody May-Chang
    Maria May-Chang

    cc: Rep. Stevenson

  8. I can’t believe people can be so blind and hateful. This kind of preaching leads to things like the murder of Lawrence King, a FIFTEEN year out boy who was shot by a 14 year old classmate for asking him to be his valentine. Another smart, sweet, innocent person was killed just for this reason. It is WRONG to teach hate and intolerance. THAT is what will be the end of people

  9. *Posted by editor with permission. A similar version of this letter was sent to the Idaho Statesmen letters to the editor.

    Dear Representative Stevenson:

    Your support of the position taken by KBAR radio’s Zeb Bell (that Idaho’s gay and
    lesbian citizens live a “vile filthy lifestyle”) is unconscionable. On the broadcast
    you then added “…that kind of lifestyle will do away with the human race-that’s
    what it’s intended to do.” We’ve heard this kind of speech before in Nazi Germany
    and from those who opposed racial equality in the United States.

    You, and those that who elected you, should be ashamed of this fear mongering. As an
    elected representative, you are charged with a moral, ethical and legal
    responsibility to protect and defend the rights of all Idahoans.

    Civil marriage protection for gay and lesbian citizens is the defining civil rights
    issue of our time. The Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution defends the
    right to life and liberty and provides for equal protection and due process under
    the law for all citizens. To partner with another person and form a home is one of
    the most fundamental and deeply personal expressions of life and liberty.

    You have done a terrible disservice to the Constitution and to Idahoans who already
    live in undeserved fear and isolation. You should resign.

    Very truly,
    Peter Mundt

  10. Here’s what I sent to Stevenson and the majority and Minority Leaders:
    Rep Stevenson,
    I am emabarassed by your childish behavior. Your tone of voice sounds just like what I grew up with in the South. Hearing words like “those people” and referring to your colleague as “that lady.” You know her name but I get the feeling that you would choke if you had to say it. When one refers to someone as “that lady” it is no different from referring to a black as “boy.”
    I am an upper middle class white heterosexual male who has a hard time figuring out hate. Do you remember the footage of whites and cops beating and throwing rocks at Blacks? Go back and listen to the slick language of the Southern politicians back then – not the George Wallaces but the the ones who did not want to sound racist but were extremely racist. Your language and tone of voice remind me of those politicians from the past. Have you ever been to a Civil Rights Museum? You will notice how uttterly stupid those people who made those remarks proabably feel now. The generations after you in your family will be emabarrassed by your language. If you want to be a leader, make a stand and realize that what you are doing is fighting a losing battle. As George Will said the other day in reference to homosexuality as normal; “it’s the same thing as being left-handed.” You have so many more important things to worry about. Focus on paying our teachers more. Focus on getting rid of teacher’s unions. Focus on early childhood education. Focus on charter schools. Focus on lengthening the school day. Focus on water rights. Focus on preserving our natural resources. Focus on trying to keep Idaho away from being “Fiftieth (last) at everything” – including civil rights.

    David Crais
    cc: Majority and Minority Leaders

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